Turntables and Tonearms

At Sound By Singer optimizing your Analog playback has always been number 1 on our lists of things to do to upgrade your Audio System. Why?

Despite the extraordinary advances made in digital playback over the years, vinyl still sounds more “natural”. HI REZ digital downloads in DSD or PCM might in some instances actually reveal detail in greater contrast, but even then the character of the detail lacks the harmonic accuracy of an LP played on a good Deck!

The Turntable is a thing of wonder, Fighting gravity, friction, external and internal vibrations and the vicissitudes of transduction, It spins along at 33 1/3 rpm While a pivoting arm holds a diamond tipped cantilever connected to coils which move through a magnetic field in response to the grooves rising and falling creating an electrical signal which when fed into a Phono stages RIAA EQUALISATION comes out as true as the original performance so long as the rest of the chain is up to the task.

Turning at exactly 33 1/3 rpm in total silence rejecting or transmitting out any and all vibrations is the goal of every turntable.

The purpose of a tonearm is to hold the cartridge so as allow the Stylus to remain in perfect contact with the grooves of the record while they pull the arm to the center unimpeded by friction, grooves whose high points and low points are equivalent in relationship to a 5000 ‘ mountain rising from sea level!so it better be good!

We know Turntables and tonearms inside and out, how they work and which ones work best .Our selection of turnatbles and tonearms at all price points reflect this knowledge. From a Rega Rp1 to the Kronos ProLE we have your tuntable.


Viella 12 Turntable

When it was first introduced 6 years ago The AMG VIELLA 12 set a new standard for high end price/performance turntables. It continues to hold that position despite the passage of time .

In 2012 ,Comparing it to turntables costing 3 times as much, Jonathin Valin stated:

"From the bass right through the ceiling, this record player/cartridge is capable of extraordinary low-level resolution, natural timbre, lightning transients, and (as noted) the kind of 3-D imaging that makes instrument and voices—wherever they are located on the stage—“pop” into lifelike presence, replete with the realism-enhancing performance-and-engineering details that tell you, for example, exactly how a singer in shepherding his (or her) breath, what parts of his chest, throat, mouth, and nose he is using to invest the words of a lyric with expressive color and narrative power, and where he is standing vis-à-vis the microphones and other singers/instruments on stage as he performs... The V12 has the kind of grainless transparency that allows you not just to see into but to almost see through the images of instruments and vocalists—to the back of the stage and the other instruments and vocalists behind and around them. There is no opacity—no transparency-obscuring color cast or scrim- like texture—blocking your view of the music-makers.. the Analog Manufaktur Germany Viella 12 is a relative rarity—a truly first-rate (and truly original) audio component that, while by no means cheap, is still within the financial reach of folks who aren’t made out of money. The V12 may not give you everything that a Walker, Da Vinci, or Acoustic Signature gives you, but what it does supply on select recordings—the extended sense that you are in the actual presence of real performers in a real space—is more than enough to justify its price and this rave."

The Absolute Sound ,Oct 24th, 2012

Having received That magazine's 2014 Editors Choice award

The AMG V12 was also rated "one of the 35 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio" -Absolute Sound 2014 High End Audio Buyer's Guide, and has received equally glowing reports from 6moons.com ,Tone Magazine and Stereophile. The Critic's choice in High End Turntables!


Giro Turntable

Introduced in 2015 the AMG Giro turntable features the AMG 9W2 9” tonearm and brings AMG’s sonic and visual excellence to a new, more affordable price point. The belt-driven platter is a combination of synthetic and aluminum materials and uses the decoupled spindle design of the highly-acclaimed AMG Viella turntable. Similarly, the platter bearing is a scaled version of the Viella platter bearing. The Giro’s “double circle” plinth is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and features both 33 and 45 RPM via electronic control

The Giro turntable brings AMG’s sonic and visual excellence to a larger audience. Conceived by AMG founder Werner Roeschlau, the Giro is brilliantly realized by managing director Julian Lorenzi. Sharing the key design elements of the highly regarded AMG Viella turntable/12J2 tonearm “V12”, the Giro uses the newer 9W2 9” tonearm. As with the V12, the “G9” is entirely manufactured in AMG’s Bavarian factory.

The Giro from Analog Manufaktur Germany is an elegant high performance turntable providing exceptional music reproduction and value for vinyl enthusiasts.


12JT Turbo Tonearm



The Woodpecker is an entirely new turntable design in which timeless elegance meets excellence in sound. Dr. Feickert Analogue refined its already well-proven bearing design adding a new high-inertia platter driven by a new high-torque motor. The motor is then further enhanced by a newly developed motor electronics package. Why the emphasis on new? Because this ground-up development has resulted in an extremely balanced and inherently musical turntable with an appealing compact chassis – the new base-line of excellence in turntable design.

The Woodpecker turntable is available by itself or as part of a complete package that includes a 12" Jelco tonearm .


"The Woodpecker Package has proven itself to be a very capable platform for vinyl playback. Its High Inertia Platter, updated drive system, redesigned bearing, quick-release sliding-tonearm mounting system, and Acoustical Systems Arché headshell combine to give the turntable solid and steady playback capabilities. The gorgeous VANA-specified finish adds beauty to solid baseline performance. If you are in the market for a turntable in this price range, you owe it to yourself to include the Woodpecker in that search. Given the Woodpecker’s ability to work well with cartridges far more expensive and capable than what would normally be installed, it could possibly serve its owner far into the future." by Andre Jennings

• Dimensions: 19" x 15" x 5.5"

• Armboard: 205–300 mm pivot-spindle (9–12 inch effective length)

• Weight: 40lbs• Warranty: 2 years, with 5 years on the bearing


Helix 1 Turntable

The Mark Döhmann Helix 1 turntable delivers an unparalleled analog playback performance thanks to its world-famous Micro Signal Architecture© (MSA) engineering, reaching new heights in both noise reduction and micro-signal preservation benchmarks. This radical new approach to signal preservation is the brainchild of Mark Döhmann, the designer and engineer behind the legendary Continuum Caliburn and one of the most recognized designers in the industry.

Mark is respected among his peers for his out-of-the-box thinking and his deep understanding of turntable architecture. He knows exactly which elements influence human psychoacoustics and prides himself on using the most advanced technologies available to remove unwanted vibration and electrical noise.

Döhmann joined forces with an incredible team of scientists, engineers and other designers for the Helix 1, addressing every aspect of noise and vibration suppression by utilizing the latest visualization techniques, engineering concepts, and patented technologies, eclipsing the Continuum Caliburn at a fraction of the cost.

The Helix 1 turntable rewards listeners with the closest facsimile to master tape levels realized to date, offering the ultimate in noise suppression and isolation, allowing the pickup arm to deliver the micro-signals buried in the grooves of well-authored vinyl, with as little modification and distortion as is physically and electronically possible making it the gold standard of turntables.

Döhmann Helix 1 by Audio Union table incorporates several engineering advances to deliver the lowest resonance profile for any pickup arm and LP combination.


MSA - Micro Signal Architecture©

NSM - Negative Stiffness Mechanism Vibration Isolation

0.5 Hz (Fz) Vertical

1.5 Hz (Fz) Horizontal MCT - Mechanical Crossover Technology

TMP - Tri-Modal Platter system

EDR - Edge Damping Ring

TDS - Tone arm Damping System

RTS - Resonance Tuned Suspension

DLC - Diamond Like Coating Amorphous Material Bearing Friction Modifier

HTAD - High Torque Adjustable Drive

Speed Selections 33, 45 RPM (78 RPM by request)

Velocity Adjustment Lock – Speed is constantly calibrated over 130,000 times per second to deliver precise 33.33 or 45.15 rpm (factory default).

The Helix 1 system is a turntable with an internal suspension system that uses Negative Stiffness Mechanism (NSM) isolation technology and an integrated motor, using a twin belt drive for speed accuracy. All controls for normal 33 or 45 rpm operation are located on the turntable top panel. A separate “control box” motion control servo drive is located in separate 3RU standard rack size housing which can easily be placed out of sight.

The Helix 1 is factory-calibrated for precise speeds and the drive system monitors that speed constantly over 130,000 times per revolution to deliver direct drive accuracy without speed drift. Speed adjustment is accessed through a simple USB interface on the control box or remotely via secure Wi-Fi.

The Helix 1 turntable is capable of mounting two pickup arms simultaneously and features full integration with an internal motor, driving the platter through dual belts. The turntable comes with a separate power supply and servo control box connected by two custom cables. The turntable can be mounted on a variety of surfaces because it has an intrinsic suspension system fully integrated with the chassis. This allows for use in old buildings and residential environments where instability, feedback issues and footfall interference are typically found.



… not only a slogan! Taking the time to develop everything new from scratch Feickert finally ended up with compact and elegant new turntable with all of the qualities Dr. Feickert is famous for - perfect neutrality, elegance in appearance and build quality, to name only a few.

Testing and refining each step of the way resulted in this new design that will be a benchmark not only in its price-range of products.