Kaiser Kawero

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Kaiser Acoustics is a collaboration between Kaiser GmbH, a major and highly innovative wood working engineering company that specializes in acoustic solutions and Rainer Weber a world renowned acoustician and materials expert who serves as Kaisers technical director. Between them they set out to create the world’s most musical and beautifully made speakers . One look at the Kawero Classic and no one would doubt that they have succeeded in their second goal.

As for the first, the music, the sound produced by the Kawero classic is musical to the extreme . Indeed Kaiser approaches all aspects of their speakers with an extremist point of view . Nothing but the best in all things.

The acousticians sensibility is carried through all aspects of Kaisers approach to making Speakers.

Cabinet construction utilizes carefully calculated specific panel sizes and internal brace dimensions based on Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequences. Rainer weber employs acoustic labyrinths which were modeled by tech contributors Vertex AQ . This math based design along with the use of Panzerholz ,a wood impregnated resin as the building material serves to randomize remaining vibrational energies

For the Classic , Kaiser offers 3 different woofer sensitivities so the speakers you buy will match the acoustics of the listening room and the characteristics of your amplifier. What if you move to a room with different acoustical properties ? Not to worry Kaiser will replace your woofers free of charge.

Consistent with its nature as an advanced woodworking shop ,Kaiser offers a Myriad of finishes ranging from lovely matte colors and several wood finishes up to their incomparable High gloss treatment of numerous exotic woods.

Here are a few of our favorite Kaiser Kawero selections: