Stenheim Speakers express a timeless devotion to the verisimilitude of the musical signal.Like Goldy Locks Not too bright.Not too warm.Just right.Expessing a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that few other speaker manufacturers are capable of achieving, Stenheim creates Audible works of art which sound like music as it actually unfolds in a live concert .Just Stunning



Here are a few of our favorite STENHEIM selections:


Stenheim Alumine 2

The Stenheim Alumine two is simply the best monitor sized speaker made.It has the dynamics of a far larger speaker, amazing scale  and  tight believable bass and tonality which while revealingling every nuance of the music is never bright or over etched

to wit:

"If you need a compact speaker that allows your music to breathe, that’s big on expression, big on intimacy and big communication but isn’t phased by big or loud, then the Alumine Two could be just what you’re looking for. Other brands might make more noise about (and with) their aluminum boxes, but right now it’s the Stenheims that are delivering the musical goods"by Roy Gregory The AudioBeat,March 2017



Stenheim Alumine 3



With the Alumine THREE, STENHEIM has distilled the exceptional quality of its world-renowned Alumine FIVE speaker into a compact housing, creating an even more accessible music experience for audiophiles and music lovers. Made in Switzerland, the new Alumine THREE speaker is the product of many years of research and unparalleled knowledge of audiophile technology.

Its design takes inspiration from the Alumine FIVE, STENHEIM’s multi-award-winning speaker. Like its predecessor, it is an all-aluminium model and shares its core technical specifications, including extremely high efficiency. It can also be combined with high-quality bass amplifiers. However, the Alumine THREE’s more compact housing sets it apart, enabling extremely high performance at a lower price point.

Some manufacturers focus on the senses, others on technology. STENHEIM’s approach combines the two because we understand the impact of physical constraints on subjective listening quality.

The Alumine THREE adopts cutting-edge technology specifically for the benefit of musicians and music. It plunges you into the heart of music as if you’re listening to it live. Listen to the notes vibrate, detect every nuance of the voice, touch or bow movement and feel all of the musician’s feeling and emotion. The Alumine THREE has been designed for you to bring music to life.

This is reflected in its timeless, refined design with clean lines and light, neutral shades. Ignoring fleeting trends, the Alumine THREE is built to last and, above all, to rediscover listening pleasure.



Stenheim Alumine Five

Made exclusively in Switzerland, and inspired by the legendary Stenheim Reference Speaker System with which it shares a tweeter and midrange, the floor standing Alumine FIVE speaker combines unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring you exceptional sound and musical immersion. Aurally challenging the Majestic Reference, the Alumine Five almost magically channels the spirit of its larger relative to produce a sound so coherent and spatious that you might think it was the Reference.A home run !