Never heard of Audionet? We're not surprised. Despite producing AMAZING ELECTRONICS this German company has not made a particularly big splash in the US high-end market Until now.

Manufacturing everything form extraordinary CD Players, Dacs, Music Servers and reasonably priced audio amplification to ne plus ultra Preamps and Power Amps , Audionet Amplifier Creations are simply unsurpassed until you reach the Mega Bucks Region and then they will comfortably go head to head with the Likes of CH Precision and AAvik. Simple in appearance ,the technology which goes into each and every Audionet component is cutting edge to say the least. There is nothing they don’t do well and in most cases they do it better than all their competitors.

It might be considered unusual to start off introducing A High End Amp manufacturer by way of its least expensive offering, an integrated amp .But then ,the SAM G2 is no ordinary integrated amp.

Here are a few of our favorite Audionet selections:


Pre 1 G3

A Wide Grin at the Touch of a Button

The Audionet PRE I G3 combines opulent equipment with a brilliant sound. It is difficult to describe the sound it produces: spacious yet subtle, transparent and sleek, powerful and unshakeable. The PRE I G3 plays music in all its facets naturally and effortlessly.

Mains phase recognition

With six inputs and two outputs which can be labelled with individual names, a bypass mode for integration into a home cinema system, two subwoofer outputs, level offset for the inputs, a headphone output, monitor switching for accessories, automatic mains phase recognition and trigger output, two Audionet links and an additional earth connector. Optionally, the PRE I G3 can be extended with our high-quality phono preamplifier board.

The technically unique complex circuitry is radically realized. Distortion and noise are almost non-detectable across the entire frequency and dynamic range. With a modern assembly, shortest signal paths and a capacitively and inductively optimized construction provide optimal high-frequency characteristics. Volume and balance adjustment is performed using a unique, electronically switched precision resistance network which is realized in real time, ensuring a constant dynamic and distortion-free operation across the entire control range.



Words can hardly convey what the new SAM G2 is capable of achieving. With a spacious yet subtle sound, it plays transparently and spatially, sleekly and most powerfully. Reproducing every single note naturally and effortlessly. The new SAM G2 is even more committed and passionate than its predecessor. Indeed, its richness of information and tone, power and authority as well as its musical coherence has audiophile critics clapping their writing hands everywhere on the globe.

Such quality is scarce on the market, making this device ideally suited for domestic use and tonally convincing musical reproduction. The SAM G2 masters all the tasks set to it with dedication, captivating its listeners with breathtaking authenticity. Its sound is characterized by speed, purpose and honesty, yet at the same time is full of charm, finesse and the utmost care to detail. With its catching enthusiasm, this lively device produces a surprisingly realistic sound experience.



28 Kilograms of Passion

The AMP I V2 represents an exemplary combination of pioneering Audionet technology with the company’s typically detail-obsessed scientific application and experience-based knowledge.

The sonic culture of the AMP I V2 is characterized by emotionality, sincerity and completeness. Performing quickly and with extremely fine resolution, it dazzles with its richness of detail. At the same time, the delivery is relaxed, devoid of the least hint of harshness or rigidity. Dynamic leaps are imparted with the necessary impact, without being merely loud. The bass is resolute and richly contoured. All this amounts to strikingly realistic holographic quality. And as a machine, the new Audionet discreetly stays in the background and creates a space within which the effect of the music can unfold – in all its artistry and emotionality. I know of no other Solid state amplifier in its class which offers so much.



Blockbusters for Demanding Listeners

The new Audionet AMP high performance power amplifiers are true mono-blocks that combine remarkable sound potential with high-end technical possibilities. A pair of blockbusters for real connoisseurs.

Air plays a key role in regard to our AMP mono-blocks. For one thing, the pair needs some air around them in order to permit the diffusion of the heat either block generates. And for another, air is part of the sound experience they offer: every fragment of a beat, every acoustic detail is offered to the listener in transparent spatiality, as if encapsulated in the purest air. Weighing in at 22 kilograms, the two mono outputs deliver a maximum of airiness and vivid rendition, and may well bring tears of joy to the eyes of more sensitive listeners. The AMPs play with fascinating ease, impressing us with acoustic permeability, tonal accuracy and striking macro- and micro-dynamical precision. The musical reproduction is transparent, airy and colorful, but remains agreeably relaxed at the same time.