Just when you thought that the days of reasonably priced tube gear had passed, along comes Labs 12 and completely changes one’s perception. What is special about lab 12 is not just that the prices are exceedingly reasonable but more importantly that the performance Handley add strips the price category these wonderful components are in. Best bang for the buck doesn’t begin to describe it.    





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Lab12 is a state-of-the-art high end manufacturer founded in 2012 by Stratos Vichos, an electronic engineer with expertise in audio designing for over 20 years and a deeply progressive vision for our beloved industry.

Years of passionate experiments, explorations and R & D transformed Lab12 from a one-man operation at a little lab on the 12th of the street to a fast growing venture. However, what is at the heart of all the products we produce, is that they hold on to our core belief that the emotional impact and an engaging musical performance are the most important factors when we listen to a piece of music.

Lab12 is a technology and performance driven company and our third generation of products offer a unique value that can meet the highest demands of music lovers and audiophiles, wherever in the world you are. Our products incorporate and introduce learning and technology from the 21st, but first and foremost it is the music that matters.Lab 12 portfolio is growing by the month and we’re able to serve the growing needs of the high-end audio industry and contemporary audiophiles with more sophisticated devices, where technology never gets in the way of the music.

And, perhaps most importantly, we didn’t change our painstaking design and development process. Each and every product undergoes state-of-the-art measuring processes and final tuning that is the result of prolonged listening and combinations to ensure that you, the end user, get a truly exceptional product that simply lets you enjoy the music you love.

Glowing reviews and a dedicated following reflects our attitude – we simply love what we do. Our audio products are made for high-end audio enthusiasts by high-end audio enthusiasts – plain and simple.



Here are a few of our favorite Lab12 selections:


Lab12 Pre1

When the musical vibrancy and sparkling audio energy are properly in harmony, only then can a pure Class A tube preamplifier deliver unsurpassed sonic performance.
There is no doubt that the preamplifier is the heart of any high-end audio system and Lab12 Pre1 was designed from ground up as a high-performance preamplifier that can easily serve both solid state and tube power amplifiers.
Lab 12 didn’t cut corners at any step of the design and despite Pre1’s affordable price, it can undeniably infuse a purity of music energy into any power amplifier whilst conveying an organic, transparent and highly involving sound performance.


Lab12 Melto2

Melto2 is a true full tube and remotely controlled phono-stage with a high-quality OLED display, where all important functions are clearly visible and easily selectable in real time. You don’t even need to get up from your listening chair.
Years of experimenting and creating high-end audio devices has allowed us to create what we believe to be the most potent and emotionally engaging phono preamplifier, where no subtle detail is being hidden behind the noise.
This full blooded, meticulously crafted, highly adjustable phono-stage offers fine settings for impedance, capacitance, gain and even three EQ curves… and there’s more.
Melto2 represents a vinyl enthusiasts’ dream come true with an exceptional sound quality and Lab12’s legendary down to earth pricing.
As with all Lab12 products, Melto2 comes with two color choices of glass blasting anodizing finish.


Lab12 suara

The attractive simplicity and purity of class A single ended power amplifiers are imprinted in Suara, a high-fidelity audiophile Parallel tube Class A power amplifier.
Suara is a pure Class A power amplifier that has the ability to reproduce music with exceptional musicality and directness whilst its 50W per channel bring immense and controlled power out of the box able to drive any audio system’s loud speakers.
Special audio grade matched parts of the finest selections in every stage, refined voicing tests and countless hours of actual listening, allowed us to create this great octal tube based power amplifier, that offers both Triode and Ultra Linear mode at the tip of the switch.
Suara’s natural, intimate and warm reproduction of sounding will surely immerse the listener in a long- lasting audition without any listening fatigue.
Like all of the Lab12 products, Suara also comes with two colour choices of glass blasting anodizing finish.


Lab12 Lab12 Suono

g Lab12 suono, an audiophile Class A power amplifier. Every component on it is designed to provide smooth and untreated sound. It is a full tube amplifier with 6n2p NOS Russian driver tubes and KT150 on power stage. Suono can cooperate gratefully with any preamplifier on the market and it is the perfect match for Lab12 pre1. Suono has the ability to nail you down on your couch and make you listen all your music collection again. Full power for your speakers is here, but the most remarkable point is that you will receive a fluid, wide and addictive consonant sound with any choice of music style. All components are carefully chosen after hours of listening and testing, while paying great attention to every detail affecting the outcome. As every Lab12 device, suono has an ultra-solid construction with glass blasting anodized finishing and retro analogue V/U meters.