Music Servers

A MUSIC SERVER IS A PURPOSE BUILT Audio Component which replaces a computer for organisation and playback of all digital audio files and music streaming from the internet. Some Music servers offer high capacity digital file storage and/or CD ripping . Some Music servers are full function Music Transports incorporating sophisticated playback software and a dedicated APP for control. Other servers are nothing more than bridges between NAS drives and DACS and rely on playback software residing on the NAS. Some Servers have dedicated APPS others rely on off the shelf playback programs.

Complicated ? Not if you are using Sound By Singer to set it up for you .

We make it so simple even baby boomers can use it!


N-100 H/C

If you own a computer audio system, you know that time spent fussing is time lost listening.

Consider the alternative - the Aurender N100H or N100C seamlessly replaces your aging computer. Your music will now be stored on the N100’s internal hard drive, available in either 2TB or 4TB capacity with a 120GB solid state (SSD) caching drive performing all file playback for superior fidelity and reliability. Management of your digital music library and Tidal lossless streaming service is simple and intuitive, thanks to our award-winning Aurender Conductor app. And all major digital file formats are supported at native bit and sampling rates.

Housed in beautiful machined aluminum casework, either N100 version will compliment your existing system components and deliver a new level of musicality you have to hear to believe.


BDP-3 Digital Player

A blazing Intel processor and 8 gigabytes of RAM make the BDP-3 extremely quick when managing even the largest of music libraries. The new USB 3.0 ports dramatically improve disk performance when using USB 3.0 attached drives. When you add up the BDP-3's DSD support, the extra USB ports, and Gigabit network connectivity, and then factor in world renowned Bryston sound quality, you end up with a high resolution digital player that will be your source component of choice for years to come.

Connect Any DAC

Not only is the BDP-3 compatible with USB and HDMI DACs but it also excels with DACs with traditional digital inputs. Use the S/PDIF or AES/EBU outputs and enjoy the benefits of Bryston's proprietary Integrated Audio Device. The AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs are fully impedance matched and transformer coupled for the best possible digital audio transmission to the DAC of your choice. Measured jitter is so low, it’s nearly undetectable even by Bryston's state-of-the-art laboratory.

Separate USB Buses

The BDP-3 features two entirely separate USB buses, which makes it possible to connect a USB DAC to a completely separate circuit than USB drives. Now the BDP is compatible with more DACs than ever including those using the Streamlength protocol.

Highest Quality Audio Performance

The Bryston BDP-3 is a bit-perfect dedicated player for high resolution digital audio files. Employing a highly-customized Linux OS optimized to provide the highest quality audio performance, the BDP-3 will play high resolution audio files (up to PCM 384 kHz / 32 bit and DSD128) from digital storage devices without compromise.

The BDP-3 features a high current linear power supply, custom Intel Celeron powered motherboard, and eight gigabytes of RAM for incredible responsiveness, ultra-fast performance, and horsepower to spare for future feature additions.

Roon-Ready and More…

The BDP-3 supports TIDAL (subscription required) and is Roon-Ready, too (subscription required). It plays AIFF, FLAC, WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG, and most common audio file formats. It offers multiple control options via iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android OS, and PC and has user upgradable firmware. The RS-232 serial data port offers remote control via Crestron, AMX or similar control systems.

The BDP-3 provides plenty of connections for your music. It includes three USB 3.0 inputs, five USB 2.0 inputs, and one Gigabit Ethernet connection. On the output side, it provides SPDIF (BNC), AES/EBU (XLR), USB, and HDMI connections. BDP3 DIGITAL PLAYER



First brought to the market in 2012, The LUMIN A-1 has earned heaps of praise from reviewers, including TAS, which awarded it Upper End Music Server Product of the Year for 2014.

In the awards issue (TAS Issue 249), Neil Gader writes, "Had I not known better, I would have sworn I was listening to master tapes. It was an impression of resolution, soundstage integrity, and clean transient speed...reaching a level of musicality that will make even diehard analog fans forget its computer roots."



A tour de force of technology, the new LUMIN X1 streamer/DAC manages to set the bar several levels above the capabilities of all other streamer/DACS. Re-engineered throughout, the LUMIN X1 improves performance in every single area, with new processors that are capable of delivering native DSD 512 and PCM 768 playback, a Femto clock system with Precision FPGA distribution and, for the first time, optical network connectivity that completely eliminates noise being carried into your HiFi system through the copper wires which connect to your router.

If you want to take full advantage of all of that streaming has to offer from, Spotify and Internet radio, to triple DSD playback, the LUMIN X1 is the best choice you can make.



The D2 offers the same outstanding LUMIN features in a more affordable package, making it the most astonishing product in the LUMIN range. The LUMIN D2 is the most affordable way to bring all of the award-winning LUMIN musicality into your music system.

Retaining the same streaming functionality, Wolfson DAC and fully-balanced design of its renowned siblings, LUMIN D2 opens up a world of high resolution network and internet streaming. With this device you can stream any type of, file from MQA to DSD, FLAC to WAV.

LUMIN does it all with the ability to play all the high-resolution formats an audiophile could ever want.

What’s more, The LUMIN App is created to work in perfect harmony with LUMIN hardware to deliver the most intuitive and visually rich way to browse, select, and play files from your music collection. It’s all part of LUMIN’s vision of creating a music browsing and playback experience that is easy, visual, and tactile. It includes native support for TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and AirPlay, giving users access to tens of millions of songs.


Primare Prisma CD 35


CD35 Prisma features Prisma, Primare’s new whole-home, high-fidelity control and connectivity solution. Prisma provides multi-room/multi-zone connectivity and control for playback of stored and streamed media, wired or wireless, all managed from any mobile device through a dedicated system control app. In addition to Bluetooth®, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect, Prisma features Chromecast built-in, a unique streaming portal allowing effortless direct connection to hundreds of streaming applications.



Primare Prisma I 25

Providing 100 watts at 8 ohms of absolutely linear UFPD 2 amplification across the entire audible bandwidth, I25 Prisma delivers naturally fast, clean and agile sound with an unprecedented ability to bring music to life.

In addition to five analog inputs, I25 Prisma includes a DM35 full-featured DAC stage enabling up to PCM 768kHz/32bit and DSD 256 conversion, as well as Prisma connectivity and control technology.



Absolutely the best integrated amlifier ever made by Krell , the K 300i punches way above its weight. Available as simple integrated or fitted with its own Dac

work card, the Krell K 300i integrated has earned Kudos wherever it has been reviewed. Most Recently ,What Hi fi had this to say

"Krell released its first integrated amp, the KAV-300i, back in the mid-90s. That was a terrific performer, and this current version reminds us of that.

The current integrated may be the cheapest amplifier the company currently makes but it still delivers a concentrated dose of the fabled Krell sound. Add the forward-looking feature set and you have something of a high-end bargain.

We doubt there are many times those words have been used to describe a product worth almost nine grand."

Gregory Petan remarked:

"Retaining the dynamics and forceful low end that’s made Krell famous with audiophiles the world over, the K - 300i is more nuanced and natural in its musical delivery. There is a sweetness to the sound that is reminiscent of the original KSA - 50. The K - 300i is non - fatiguing, inviting you to turn up the volume on your favorite tracks – right out of the box. That’s always a great sign. Remember, Krell amplifiers are still class - A, but thanks to Krell’s current i - Bias topology, they don’t run as hot, or dr aw as much power at low volume levels as the original models did. ...

This newfound balance altered my approach. Past Krell components always had me reaching for the more bombastic selections in my music collection, but the K-300i sends me to vocal rich recordings, exploring the heart of the mid band and treble in ways that older Krell designs did not inspire as a first move. From Sarah Vaughn’s previously unreleased concert pressed by Devialet, via my VPI Avenger Reference, with the Gryphon Sonnett"- Tone Audio,April 2019



Innuos Statement

Thr Ne Plus Ultra design from Inuos,Statement Server Stands out as the most sophisticated ROON Core Music Server extant.It is hard to Imagine just how much better ROON Streaming sounds

thru the Statement than it does using any other Music server, and at about $14,000.00 that is to be expected.What is interesting is how much truer the music is developed using the Statement than with Streamers priced at 2-3 times higher .


Innuos Zen and Zenith Streamers


The ZEN Mk3 Music Server Series brings in exciting new improvements in sound quality based on trickle-down technology from our award-winning ZENith SE:

  • Custom motherboards with custom firmware on all servers
  • Analogue (RCA) and Digital outputs (Optical/Coaxial) to the ZENmini
  • New Dual-Linear PSU design for the ZEN and Triple-Linear PSU with Mundorf Caps for the ZENith, both designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs
  • Asymetrical Anti-Vibration feet for the ZEN and ZENith based on the ZENith SE




The Weiss 501 is a tour de force of engineering combining as it does a State of the Art DAC, a upnp streamer and DSP  which allows the user to tailor the sound to the acoustics of your listening room.Frequency adjustments and special modes, like Vinyl , make this Swiss Army Knife of a digital component impressive in its flexibility.

However, what is really impressive is the sound WHICH IS RELLY WITHOUT FAULT

As John Atkinson,Editor in Chief at Stereophile at the time, commented:

The immediate impression was of extraordinary clarity. This wasn't as if the edges of the objects within the soundstage had been enhanced, as can be done to images with PhotoShop, but as if the pixel count of the image had been increased. It didn't manage this by emphasizing treble detail, but to resort to an audio reviewer cliché, the DAC502 cleaned the window into the recorded soundstage to an impressive extent...

 (U)ltimately, musical enjoyment is what this product is all about. As I write this conclusion, I am listening to Stanford's hauntingly engaging song "The Blue Bird," performed by the Gabrieli Consort directed by Paul McCreesh (from Silence & Music, 16/44.1k FLAC, Signum Classics/Tidal). The interplay between the unaccompanied voices, the bell-like interjections of the high soprano, the setting of all the singers within a supportive chapel acoustic—the Weiss DAC502 made all these aspects clear, in service of the music. Which is what a great audio component should do."STEREOPHILE, Jul 24, 2020




Designed to be used with high performance digital-to-analog converters, the Aurender N10 – the penultimate server is the only Music Player to support on-the-fly precision DSD to PCM conversion by FPGA.

With 8TB of (4TBx2) internal hard disk drives and one 240GB solid-state drive cache for playback, the N10 is the perfect solution for even the most extensive high resolution music collections.


C1 Reference Digital to Analog Controller

Designed for the true music lover, the C1's apparent simplicity hides highly sophisticated technological solutions with the single goal of recreating the full musical experience. This emotion can only be achieved when both level and time information are properly reconstructed from the digital data. And this is what the C1 is all about...

The C1 is based on a fully modular, future-proof architecture. Up to three inputs boards include standard digital inputs complemented by the proprietary CH-Link interface. Optional streaming audio inputs as well as line-level analog inputs enable the use of the C1 as a full featured preamplifier thanks to its integrated volume control.

A reference grade linear power supply (with <1W power consumption in standby mode), sophisticated mechanical chassis design and full USB based firmware update also contribute the C1's uniqueness, for now and for any future format!