The Brain Child of Kerem Kucukasian , a renaissance man in every sense of the word, Absolare is comprised of an international group of engineers, audio designers and craftsmen whose goals are to make the finest tube/ hybrid electronics possible. Unique in terms of design and execution,all Absolare products are manufactured using the finest quality components and assembled from the ground up in one of their factories in the USA or the Netherlands . The results are Meticulously realized Pre-amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Electrical Mains Distribution Devices, and Signal Purifiers of remarkable accuracy and musicality. Absolare has developed unique Tube and Hybrid Preamp, power amp, and Integrated Amplifier designs which achieve new heights of musical realism. The singular and short nature of the signal path; the manner in which of the signal section is electromagnetically isolated from the power section;the absolute synergy of superb components used ; the management of resonance characteristics, and the specialized winding and crimping techniques employed by the craftsmen producing the transformers are only part of what makes Absolare components so special.

Here are a few of our favorite Absolare selections:


Passion Integrated Amplifier

The Absolare Integrated Amplifier is a hybrid design with a tube preamplifier section and solid-state dual mono power amplifier section. The tube preamplifier section is configured in pure Single Ended Triode architecture. It is a mu-follower design like the Absolare Preamplifier, with a minimum number of components to preserve sonic purity. All internal cabling uses Echole’s proprietary alloys.

The power amplifier section uses separate power transformers and large very low ESR capacitor banks for each channel. 12 active output components provide 200W continuous power per channel into 8ohm loads. They are individually hand tuned for perfect symmetry. A massive CNC carved aluminium heat sink dissipates excess energy providing overheat and overload protection for the output stage. A power-on timer circuit protects the speakers from transient signals that may occur before the tubes are heated to optimal operational temperature levels. Balanced models employ input transformers for balanced operation.

We believe that the Absolare Integrated Amplifier has the musical and emotional involvement of a tube amplifier with an inaudible sonic signature. Further, the design insures the realism of tonal balance, extraordinary transparency and a three-dimensional soundstage without boundaries and limitations. In short,, the Absolare Integrated Amplifier will breathe life into your music.

… ” I found my attention drawn to the midrange for this amplifier’s extraordinary sense of clarity, combined with warmth and sheer timbral gorgeousness. Heightening the experience, the Integrated’s rendering of timbre was utterly liquid and grain-free. Subtle textural details that convey instrumental timbre and musical expression were beautifully conveyed. The Integrated is as close in sound to a pure tube amplifier as I’ve heard from transistors. Also like a tube amplifier, the Integrated had a wonderful feeling of bloom and “action,” with a palpable sense of air expanding around instruments’ dynamic envelopes. I can best describe the Integrated’s sound, and midrange in particular, by comparing it to the sound of Ben Webster’s tenor sax on, say, Gentle Ben, or Soulville—rich, creamy, and sensual.

Some tube-transistor hybrid amplifiers are a mix of compromises and trade-offs, with the designer attempting to minimize each technology’s shortcomings while maximizing its strengths. I see the Absolare Integrated not as a product of compromise, but rather of distillation. The company has found a way to bring the magic of its all-tube Passion components to a product that is not only more affordable, but also more flexible because of its ability to drive a wider range of loudspeakers. Give the Integrated a listen; I suspect that many of you will be captured by its many charms, just as I was.

The absolute sound

By Robert Harley| Mar 13th, 2018


Single-Ended Triode Preamplifier

The Absolare Preamplifier has been designed with the goal of creating a pure and emotionally engaging preamplifier capable of conveying the deepest musical integrity within the faithful reproduction of the recorded performance.

The Absolare Preamplifier is housed in a single chassis with separate power supply and signal sections internally partitioned by a thick aluminium wall. This design eliminates unwanted magnetic influence of AC noise on the signal path. The laser cut, precision welded 3mm aluminium chassis is enclosed in leather clad high-density fibre panels to minimize mechanical resonances. On top of these, a separate large CNC carved aluminium housing provides a vibration free environment for the tubes and signal components. Supporting the entire structure is a 5mm thick aluminium base plate that also provides a stable foundation for the feet. All signal connectors are gold/silver plated tellurium copper. All tube sockets are pure teflon with gold plated copper contacts.

Electrical filtering is implemented in three stages: a pi-type capacitor-resistor filter; an active regulator and another large pi-type filter. All filters employ the highest grade Mundorf capacitors with ultra-low ESR to preserve maximum levels of dynamics and detail in the signal. All internal power cabling utilizes Echole proprietary alloys. Schottky diodes provide fast and noise free rectification while a significantly oversized Lundahl transformer mounted on a slab of palisander wood supplies all the current demands instantly. Heaters are DC regulated and filtered with Mundorf capacitors.

The all tube signal section is configured in pure Single Ended Triode architecture. Output impedance is kept low by a mu-follower design with a minimum number of components to preserve sonic purity. Signal components are directly mounted to the underside of a large CNC carved block of aluminium with point-to-point soldering. Input connectors are mounted immediately behind the signal stage, keeping all Echole signal connection cabling to the minimum possible length. Both input selector and attenuator are also mounted within the signal housing, next to signal section. Balanced models employ input and output transformers for balanced operation.


845 Push-Pull Amplifier

Following several years of careful preparation, Absolare has brought to market a new perspective in Push-Pull amplification with its introduction of an 85 watt Push-Pull amplifier. The Absolare Push-Pull amplifier combines the finesse, delicacy and midrange magic of a Single Ended Triode amplifier with the capability of driving an even wider range of speakers.

The Absolare Push-Pull Amplifier has two chassis monoblock construction. Laser cut and welded 3mm aluminum chassis are enclosed in a high density fiber cover to minimize the mechanical resonances. Power supply and speaker output transformers are in epoxy filled metal cans to minimize vibration and magnetic interference. 5mm thick aluminum bottom cover provides a stable base for the feet. Internal components are mounted on a thick aluminum plate which is bolted to chassis. With the painted top layer, overall thickness of aluminum where the components are mounted is more than half inch (14mm). This is a much better option than to have a very thick front plate just to support single power indicator LED and mount all the signal components on thin PCB's.

All signal connectors are gold/silver plated tellurium copper. Binding posts are silver coated copper with polyethylene barrels to decrease conductor mass. All tube sockets are made of pure teflon with gold plated copper contacts. The power supply for B+ voltage contains a three stage capacitor-inductor double-pi filter which employs highest grade ultra-low ESR Mundorf capacitors to obtain maximum levels of dynamics and detail in the output signal. Power by-pass capacitors are placed at every tube's supply pin to further increase dynamics and lower the noise. All tube heaters are DC regulated and heavily filtered. All internal cabling is done with Echole family alloys. A timer circuit enables a smooth start-up operation to protect the tubes from imbalanced power-up voltages. Power resistors are oversized for safety in the case of tube failures.

All tube signal section has transformer coupling between driver and output stages, ensuring perfectly symmetrical signal for push-pull operation. EL34 tubes provide a powerful drive for 845 output tubes. Phase splitting is done via a high current 12AT7 tube. Separate power filters for each stage eliminate modulation distortions. Signal components are directly mounted on the underside of the tube sockets with point-to-point soldering. Custom winding of output transformer maintains perfect symmetry and low distortion at every level.

The sonic objective is to allow the Push-Pull topology to deliver a natural, musically involving listener experience without a discernible sonic signature and with a new level of dynamic contrast and harmonic resolution unprecedented in today’s Push-Pull designs.