Audio Racks & Vibration Control

Now that you have bought the system of your dreams what do you put it on/in ?

Audio Racks come in a plethora of configurations. Depending on their purpose range between purely cosmetic support to highly developed tuned instruments designed to keep air borne and mechanical vibration from being transmitted to the components sitting on/in it. Some like our favorite Company HRS Systems create rock steady frames which support isolation bases of aluminum frames surrounding a Granite base sandwiching a layer of proprietary polymer. Others Like Still Points support components in a suspension bridge design. Some use ball bearings between shelves like Symposium. Some provide light weight shelving and frames which reduce resonance like Quadraspire. None are visions of loveliness , which is why all of them make isolation bases and isolation feet which can be incorporated into custom cabinetry or fit comfortably on existing shelves or furniture. Ansuz and Stein Music while not in the Stand business contribute a great deal to this endeavor with their special footers.

With so many options to choose from, which one is right for you? That depends on your budget and your associated equipment.

What we at Sound by Singer know having studied Vibration issues for forty years is that sometimes a simpler and cheaper solution is better than a bigger and bolder one , whereas the opposite is also true.

So check with us when it comes time to house your components or give them the support they need.