Cables and Power Products

40 years ago few people believed that interconnects and speaker cables could make much difference outside of their gauge. This simplistic notion that all cables sounded alike completely ignored scientific evidence to the contrary which demonstrated the significant effects the size, material and configuration of cables had on the electrical signal.

As of today few audio lovers would contest that cables make a big difference in sound. The questions are which cables and how much to spend on them.

It’s intuitive: The places where the greatest loss in signal coherency occur are between Audio Components. To transfer a signal between components with absolute integrity is impossible-Getting as close as possible to “ no loss no Change” is the goal. Theories of the best way to accomplish this abound resulting in the almost limitless differences in Cable design which exist . All cables change the sound somewhat. Making sure that the cable we choose for your system changes the sound as little as possible and always in the direction of improving it is a matter of experience and technical expertise which, after 40 years we know have in abundance. We know the characteristics of every cable we sell and how incorporating it into an audio chain will affect the sound . So, whether we go with Echole, Audience, Master Built, Nordost, Crystal Cable or Ansuz the cable we recommend will do the least harm to the signal and the most good to your sound.

The debate about signal cables making a difference was over when questions about Power cables and Power Conditioners affecting sound was just starting. Fortunately, there is general agreement based on measurement that the kind of power cable we use to make a toaster oven work just does not deliver a fully intact 120 volt signal unadulterated by line noise and inefficiency to an audio component.

Power Products make a big difference and which ones are most suited is often system dependent.

We know the systems and we know the power cables and we know which to use with which.

Power conditioners presuppose that the power coming out of the wall is somehow adulterated by rf , line noise, inadequate grounding or even power fluctuation. Power conditioners are designed to filter out noise and in some cases to even out power levels .Like all filters the question is whether the noise removed justifies the effect on dynamics and tonality which passing the signal through a filter causes. ThaT depends on how bad the noise problem is and how much the conditioner changes the integrity of the signal.

We carry only those power conditioners which have the maximum positive effect on the signal removing the most Noise while having no perceptible effect on the signal like Echole , Audience Nordost , Ansuz, and PS Audio.