Tom Evans Audio Design

Technology is wonderful, but when it comes to real innovation in Vinyl Playback - something which is completely new, one designer comes to mind more often than any other - that is Tom Evans.

If you know anything about high quality phono playback, you must have heard about the now-legendary Tom Evans Audio Design Groove 20th Anniversary II and Groove+ SRX II phono stages. To give you some sense of how good these are, for comparison, I recently compared the Groove + SRX II phono stage to a Highly touted phono stage which sells for $35,000 The result: The Groove 20th Anniversary II SRX was ten times quieter and sounded infinitely more life-like than the Mega dollar Design in every possible way.

Here are a few of our favorite Tom Evans Audio Design selections:



Just when u thought it could not get any better Tom has unleashed what may be the finest solid state phono stage in the world 'THE MASTER GROOVE II.

We can quote an array of numbers that speaks volumes about Tom’s attention to making sure that every minutiae of signal is passed to you, the listener. But, none of this impressive array of numbers can convey the scope of step forward for vinyl reproduction that one listen can do.

When your Vinyl reproduction needs no excuses, only the very best phono equalisation that the World has to offer, then we believe - as do many others - that there are very few choices.


Groove Anniversary II

The new MasterGroove mkII is a performance reality that no other solid state manufacturer understands how to equal.

Creating a ne plus ultra phono stage for $20,000.00 while a spectacular achievement is perhaps less surprising than what Tom Evans does in the moderately priced arena. His MicroGroove XII and Microgroove+xII simply stand head and shoulder above all phono stages in the sub $2500.00 range. They are the only MC stages we recommend in this performance class.