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MSB is hailed as the gold standard in digital to analog conversion and pre-amplification products. From its Discrete DAC, all the way up to the remarkable Select DAC, with a ticket price of more than $100,000, MSB and its catalogue of products have long been a favorite that everyone else tries to emulate.

Every unit in MSB’s line of DACs touts an innovative modular design that consistently draws rave reviews. The MSB DAC modules, clock, input/output modules, and power supplies are user-replaceable and come in various options, with varying levels of quality. This modular design not only provides a logical upgrade path but, as technologies change, the DAC can be updated to keep it current and operational.

In a sense, each MSB DAC is custom-designed by you and made to your specifications.

Here are a few of our favorite Msb Technology selections:


The Select DAC

The MSB Select DAC is the king of all DACs. Starting at $84,500, it outdoes all the rest. The MSB Select DAC is powered by MSB’s Hybrid DAC technology, featuring sixteen channels across eight modules, stitched together for a high-powered direct output.

There is no amplification stage needed to drive the output, just pure digital-to-analog conversion. The Hybrid module is capable of converting between PCM or native DSD.

MSB is constantly developing new input modules for every application and technology. With the release of MQA, MSB has prepared a new module and a simple software update, keeping your DAC up to date with the most recent technologies. The MSB DAC is always ready for the future

The MSB Select DAC includes:

optical/coaxial input module

standard output preamp module

Femto 77 clock

dual powerbase

stock colors: silver and black (custom colors available with extended manufacturing time and custom color charge)

MSB Select DAC upgrade options include:

Fetmo 33 clock

mono power base

quad USB input module

XLR and SPDIF input modules

extra analog outputs


The MSB Reference DAC

MSB’s Reference DAC is just one step below the Select DAC when it comes to performance. However, when tricked out, it produces a sound that is virtually indistinguishable from the Select model.

The MSB Reference DAC includes:

optical/coaxial input module

base output module

Femto 140 clock

dual powerbase

stock colors: silver and black (custom colors available with extended manufacturing time and custom color charge)

The MSB Reference DAC upgrade options are the same as on the Select


The MSB Premiere DAC

At a base price of half the cost of the Reference DAC, the Premiere DAC easily outperforms everything in between. The numerous upgrade options and input/output upgrades bring it even closer to the Reference DAC.


The MSB Discrete DAC

The Discrete DAC, the successor and highly improved replacement to the now-famous Analog DAC is the MSB DAC that everyone has been waiting for. With two prime DACs, the MSB Discrete yields an unprecedented level of detail that reproduces the musicality, soundstage and texture of an original performance, bringing the artist to you. The fully-balanced, ultra-high precision, discrete ladder DAC architecture ensures that each note tells a story. In addition, the robust in-house design enables the finest quality playback of PCM and native DSD, while its low impedance circuitry drives your amplification directly without adding coloration or buffering noise. The end result is a digital experience that defies all expectations.