A Manufacturer of Preamplifiers Amplifiers Canever is rightfully best known for its ZEROUNO line of tube and solid state  DACS. How to describe the Zero Uno Experience? Well, if  MSB Technology is the new sheriff in town than Zero Uno is its Chief Deputy.

What distinguishes both Companies' offerings are  their uncanny resemblance to the best analog playback.Listening to digital files thru a Zero Uno or an MSB DAC one often has  to remind oneself  that It is not vinyl on the box! Of course nothing comes close to an MSB Reference or Select DAC, but Zero Uno does nip at the heels of a fully decked out Discrete DAC at a significantly lower price.

Here are a few of our favorite Canever selections:


Zero Uno Digital Preamp

Until I heard the zero Uno digital Preamplifier I really didn’t appreciate what tubes could do for a DAC.

This might’ve been because I almost always run the DAC into a preamplifier -Generally a tube one cancel the benefit of valve sound remains. But zero Uno really takes its description as a digital preamplifier quiteseriously and thoroughly claims that it is capable, indeed excels at,Driving any power amplifier. That’s where the tube output stage comes in. It is quite impressive. A step up from the Canever Zero Uno HPA. But if you already have a good tube preamplifier, The HPA version goes along way towards the performance of his big brother


Zero Uno Hpa

I have to admit that getting the MSB discrete DAC onto my listening floor ruined me for

any other processor  I had in that room all of which by comparison sounded thin and digitally handicapped.

But, to do the MSB correctly was a $13,000 proposition and I needed something at half that price with the same musical qualities. Enter zero Uno HPA DAC /headphone amplifier.I had been saved.

Digititus was gone . It was replaced by rhythmic detailed involving music. If you are looking for a DAC Or Dac Headpone amp under 10k this has got to be the one!