Balanced Audio Technology

Before Balanced Audio Technology came along Tube designs were single ended, period. Recognizing the many advantages which adhere to balanced operation which include a huge reduction in noise and virtually no degradation in signal despite long cable lengths , Tube designers nevertheless failed to embrace this technology largely because it was too difficult to put into practical application.

Viktor Khomenko , the mad genius behind BAT , rejected this luddite point of view and embarked on a career of proving that the inherent attributes of balanced operation could be implemented with tube designs every bit as well as they could with solid state. Today, most tube audio manufacturers offer components with balanced operation. None of that would have been possible without BAT’s pioneering work in the field. To this day BAT makes the most musical dynamic balanced tube equipment in the market. Its dedication to design, parts synergy, and painstaking execution make BAT components among the finest in the world at any price.

Balanced Audio Technology makes fine audio equipment for the dedicated music lover. Each component offers among the most innovative engineering and lifelike musicality in its class.

BAT offers superb musical instruments, both solid state and tubed for a wide range of users.

Here are a few of our favorite Balanced Audio Technology selections:



With its new transformer-coupled outputs and superb user interface, the VK-33SE offers both extremely dynamic, transparent renditions of musical events and the industry’s best ease-of-use versatility. The result of intense research, each of the preamplifier’s transformer-coupled outputs is encapsulated within a mu-metal shield, a design substantially superior to any capacitor in maintaining purity of signal transmission. True to its heritage, the VK-33SE uses the 6H30 SuperTube to form a high-current, low-impedance gain stage. For extra convenience, the fully balanced VK-33SE even incorporates a mix of balanced and single-ended inputs as well as outputs The VK-33SE preamplifier is truly an outstanding performer in Balanced Audio Technology’s line of Special Edition vacuum tube preamplifiers. At BAT, they don’t look over our shoulders to see what the competition is doing. Their toughest competition comes from within.

With its new transformer-coupled outputs, the VK-33SE simply offers a far more dynamic and transparent rendition of the musical event than previously thought possible. Available with or without MM/MC Phono Stage.



Known for its use of Unique Tubes and Circuits BAT recently introduced one of the great bargains in amplification : the VK 56Compact Chassis, Outstanding Performance, Stunning Affordability

The Balanced Audio Technology VK-56 represents the meticulous application of modern design principles to the development of a compact, affordable, and supremely easy-to-use vacuum-tube power amplifier that sets a new standard for musicality in its class. The result is a unique combination of fully balanced, all-triode design topology, automatic biasing of individual output tubes, and a marvelously simple upgrade path to monoblock operation—all in a chassis more compact than any previous BAT tube amplifier design. In addition, VK-56 is available with a silver color option that incorporates a silver front faceplate and matching rear arch. By using the same high-current dual-triode 6C33C-B tube employed in BAT’s flagship REX II power amplifier, VK-56 (55Wpc stereo, 110Wpc monoblock configuration) delivers the high-current kick required to drive even difficult low-impedance speaker loads. You can simply choose the stereo or monoblock version based upon your choice of speaker and room size. VK-56 can be upgraded to VK-56SE status at any time.



Balanced Audio Technology’s VK-3000SE integrated amplifier embodies simplicity without compromise. At last, audiophiles can get no-limits musical finesse and exceptional performance in one convenient package. Competitive with reference-level separates, the VK-3000SE provides a robust 150 watts per channel into 8-ohm loads and doubles this output into 4-ohm loads. Combine such ability with BAT’s vacuum-tube preamplifier section—based on the same reference 6H30 SuperTube used in the flagship REX II preamplifier—and you get sublime power matched with richly textured musicality. Sonically open, delicate, and smooth, the VK-3000SE allows any space to breathe with exquisite music.

The Balanced Audio Technology VK-3000SE integrated amplifier embodies simplicity without compromise. Whether it’s a studio apartment with skyline views or an expansive home with minimalist décor, even the most uncluttered living space should breathe with the life of exquisite music. Made to satisfy the world’s most discriminating music lovers, and providing effortless power in a truly compact package, the VK-3000SE delivers such splendor.