“ Tweaks !”

What an awful word to describe the many wonderful sonic enhancements which are experienced by using a number of our mad scientist designed widgets .

Stein Music H2 Harmonizers, Blue Diamonds, Blue Suns, Black Diamonds

Placed strategically around any listening room the BASIC Steinmusic system ( 4 HARMONIZERS AND 8 BLACK STONES) dramatically improves detail, warmth and sound stage to an extent that frankly seems impossible! add the Blue diamonds, epads, and Speaker Match AND LISTEN AS YOUR SYSTEM GROWS EVER MORE REALISTIC UNTIL YOU CAN VIRTUALLY REACH OUT AND TOUCH the music. I found that increased intelligibility with singers ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Emmylou Harris to Renée Fleming Thomas Hampson, with all those disparate artists suddenly easier to comprehend than ever before..

The Steinmusic manual for the Harmonizers describes their function as "elongating the air molecules" – i.e. "charging" the air in the listening room in a manner that facilitates the transmission of musical energy through the room. This charging of the air molecules means that when the speaker output enters the listening room space it does not have to overcome the inertia of uncharged/un-elongated air in the room.

STEIN Music E pads are tiny pieces of tape with a microcircuit that you attach to any object the surface of which needs quieting. When you put them in the corners of plates glass windows the reflections are reduced by an order of magnitude and the highs become clearer and sweeter.

Stein Super Naturals footers :Put them under anything and the sound becomes more focused and relaxed

Super fuses: from a variety of different Companies. Improves signal conduction

Record Care

Audio Systeme Desk Record Cleaner-Simply the best out there ;Ultra sonic and brushes

Mobile Fidelity stylus Cleaner :safe and easy to use

Mobile Fidelity record Wash: For use in most record Machines

Zerostat Gun: Lifts static off Record

Acoustech Electronics Stylus force gauge

The Original Record Brush from Audio Quest

Ansuz Darkz Footers : Tri level ball bearing supported Polymer structure makes these some of the most sought out feet out there.