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In High end audio as in many fields of endeavor there are some products which sell the sizzle at the cost of the steak. Components which look modern sleek and perfectly manicured yet fail to deliver the sound one would expect from their appearance. Then there are those companies which produce wonderfully musical products that are to put it bluntly rather basic looking and which therefore do not get the attention they des3rve.. Tom Evans, LFD, Rega, and Rogue audio immediately come to mind . Yet perhaps it is DR. Feickert Turntables fall squarely into this category.

From a purely performance point of view,I cannot think of any turntable I would rather own in its respective Class than a Dr. Feickert offering. From the Wood pecker on up Dr. Feickert employs custom designed electronics, precisely controlling from one to three DC motors. The bearings are all specially designed for each turntable and the plinths in each model are constructed in a three-layer configuration to insure dissipation of extraneous energy.all Dr. Feickert turntables create a rock solid image and capture the rhythm and pace of the music better than any transcription deck I can think of . The presentation is fast yet harmonically satisfying. A real best Buy.

Here are a few of our favorite Feickert selections:



The Woodpecker is an entirely new turntable design in which timeless elegance meets excellence in sound. Dr. Feickert Analogue refined its already well-proven bearing design adding a new high-inertia platter driven by a new high-torque motor. The motor is then further enhanced by a newly developed motor electronics package. Why the emphasis on new? Because this ground-up development has resulted in an extremely balanced and inherently musical turntable with an appealing compact chassis – the new base-line of excellence in turntable design.

The Woodpecker turntable is available by itself or as part of a complete package that includes a 12" Jelco tonearm .


"The Woodpecker Package has proven itself to be a very capable platform for vinyl playback. Its High Inertia Platter, updated drive system, redesigned bearing, quick-release sliding-tonearm mounting system, and Acoustical Systems Arché headshell combine to give the turntable solid and steady playback capabilities. The gorgeous VANA-specified finish adds beauty to solid baseline performance. If you are in the market for a turntable in this price range, you owe it to yourself to include the Woodpecker in that search. Given the Woodpecker’s ability to work well with cartridges far more expensive and capable than what would normally be installed, it could possibly serve its owner far into the future." by Andre Jennings

• Dimensions: 19" x 15" x 5.5"

• Armboard: 205–300 mm pivot-spindle (9–12 inch effective length)

• Weight: 40lbs• Warranty: 2 years, with 5 years on the bearing





… not only a slogan! Taking the time to develop everything new from scratch Feickert finally ended up with compact and elegant new turntable with all of the qualities Dr. Feickert is famous for - perfect neutrality, elegance in appearance and build quality, to name only a few.

Testing and refining each step of the way resulted in this new design that will be a benchmark not only in its price-range of products.