Harmonic Resolution Systems

In the world of Audio racks and Vibration control , there is HRS and then there is everyone else which is to say that Not Only does HRS make the most effective vibration Control Devices it makes the greatest variety for the longest time of the most scientifically designed units in the world! It is Platinum to everyone else’s silver.

All of this quality has a price and HRS Audio Racks Range in price from $5500.00 to $ 28,000.00 depending on choice of frame and isolation bases.

For those preferring to realize the potential of the bespoke HRS racks in a more home friendly structure of their own choosing, Hrs makes its isolation bases available as individual units from moderately priced to top tier.

For Truly entry level systems the Nimbus Assemblies provide excellent isolation for as little as $ 500.00 per component.

As one of the very first HRS dealers , Sound by Singer has the experience and expertise to guide your selection of which HRS configurations are most appropriate for your components and lifestyle .

Here are a few of our favorite Harmonic Resolution Systems selections: