What's in a name? Sometines nothing.

                                            Sometimes quite a bit!

                      In the case of Einstein Audio it signifies what inspires

      Volker Bohlmeier and his team to  create works of Audio genius!

From 1988 on Einstein Audio has been Creating audio works of art both aurally and visually In a quiet almost Idyllic setting in Germany.None of Einstein’s creations are like anything made by anyone else in the world. Unique circuitry design coupled with parts unknown to others have resulted in a series of Uniquely musical Components which although not inexpensive provide much more involving performances than  other components which sell for far more.

I know. I own an Einstein “ The Amp” Myself.






Here are a few of our favorite EINSTEIN AUDIO selections:


Einstein The Amp


The Amp is one of my all-time favorite power amplifiers. If you don’t need megawatts this amplifier seems to have it all. You might call it a Goldilocks device. Not too sweet ;not too hard; just right!

It does not have the slam of a big Gryphon or CH Precision amp But it has plenty and what its hybrid design DELIVER’s is simply captivating. Perfect for Stenheim, Kaiser Kawero, Harbeth,Splendor and Graham.




Einstein The Preamp

The  "Preamp"  is quite special employing only two stages of balanced amplification. Interestingly, the second preamplifier stage(output) doesn`t have any voltage gain but is a pure impedance converter with very high current reserves Both preamplifier channels are perfectly decoupled from the housing and mounted on their own low resonance frequency tuned sub-frame. This protects the amplifier stages against interferences from outside such as micro phonic or mechanical resonances. The unique power supply offers absolute stability under even the most adverse conditions.Stray magnetice fields and voltage fluctuations  have virtually no affect on the Musical signal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Finally, Neither the volume control nor the selector switch are in the signal path.To change inputs Einstein raises and lowers the voltage across the  tube  assigned to the respective input.


Einstein The Silver Bullet

                      The OTL Silver Bullet  Mono Blocs are  about as special as  amplifiers get both in terms of their sound and the technology.

The OTL principle means that a tube amp works without sound limiting output transformers (hence the name, “Output TransformerLess” amplifier). The speakers attach directly to the output tube, without having to pass through sound limiting output transformers. 
The holy grail of Amplifier design ,the OTL is the solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem in amplifier design: the transformerless amplifier (OTL). The transformerless circuit concept is so good because it allows absolute precision and speed and yet so difficult to execute, because it is so complex and expensive in practical applications. This circuit, when properly implemented provides the most brilliant results; but because it is so complicated and complex, it is also very rarely found in home audio amplifiers. Having gained 12 years of relevant experience designing and manufacturing these extremely complex and expensive OTL s a process which is truly perfected in the Silver Bullet.

Unlike most OTL amps Silver Bullet handles 4 ohm loads with aplomb drinving speakers like Stenheim and Harbeth beautifully.The sound is simply glorious !