The Magical Protector of the Righteous -Half Eagle/Half Lion;

The Gryphon is an apt symbol  for a company which creates Audio components of such obvious strength and agility as the Diablo 300 Integrated amplifier, Xenia  Preamp and Antilione amplifier.
Sprung from the mind of its near legendary founder Flemming Rasmussen ,The Gryphon exemplifies the credo of performance over anything and everything else.
Bold and fast , articulate and oh so detailed,  The Gryphon makes no compromises. If the amplifier has to be big and heavy in order to perform at its best then that is what it will be.And yet reflecting the artistic background of its creator it will also be display an elegance of form which is absolutely captivating.

Here are a few of our favorite THE GRYPHON selections:


Gryphon Antileon

An Amplifier of exceptional body and control , the Antileon exudes quality and stability. One look at it and you know that you are in the presence of
Greatness both in sound and fit and finish.The current signature version is a highly reworked version of the original Antileon which was introduced almost 20 years ago .The Antileon Signature, like its predecessor, the original Antileon, was born a classic, establishing itself immediately in High End circles as one of the most acclaimed amplifiers of all time. Loyal devotees around the world praise its singular ability to maintain a firm grip on even the most demanding loudspeakers and reveal the innermost soul of any musical performance.



Gryphon Diablo 300

Super integrated amplifiers are rapidly populating the Audio Landscape. What characterizes all of these offerings is the goal of putting all the qualities of  the best  separates into a single box.
Prices range from the low $20.000 to $ 150,00.00 or more .That is with the notable exception of The Gryphon Diablo 300 which enters the fray at $16000.00 for a truly magnificent expression of
what can be achieved in  an integrated amp at the highest level of performance.vailable with a marvelous DAC , which at $6000.00 is a bargain unto itself and or a terrific MC/MM phono stage.
It is fair to say that tthe Diablo 300 is one of the outstanding bargains in High End Audio. But , take note , The Diablo 300 is  no light weight literally or figuratively. It is an amp which is as big and as heavy as it needs to be to do the job.And what a job it is!




Now, in its long-awaited debut, the Gryphon Zena true dual mono preamplifier  harvests the fruit of significant advances made in the evolution of the state of the art Gryphon Mirage.The Zena preamp is based on an exclusive, fully discrete, DC-coupled Class A topology with zero global negative feedback and extended 1 MHz frequency bandwidth, all contributing to high slew rates, extreme transient fidelity and zero treble phase shift for proper focus with fine ambient micro-detail.


Gryphon Essence Preamp

With the Essence series, the Gryphon has created a preamp and power amplifier a remarkable musicality, modest size, and reasonable price. When I first decided to bring in The Essence amplifiers , I had forgotten what a modestly powered pure class a amplifier could do with the music. In this case the answer is simply wow!

Interestingly what became rapidly apparent was that to get the best out of It’s performance you really needed to connect it to its own preamplifier. So in some ways, I think of the Essence Pre/Power As integrated amplifier in two parts. Just stunningly musical!