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In the world of Music Servers there is everybody else and then there is Aurender.

All of its creations are best in class for a few simple reasons:

Aurender sounds better than any of its competitors.

Aurender has the most robust and intuitive Control App on the market.

Aurender is the only manufacturer of Music Streamers which offers reliable online and telephone help to solve any issues which may come up .During the day you can call their Geniuses in the USA.or if you would rather , just send an email directly from the Aurender App to the home office and a tech will dial in to your unit and troubleshoot it for you!

Aurender has onboard storage sufficient to hold the largest digital librairies. No need to pull music across your intranet from a NAS.

Aurender is made better than any other Music server.

Here are a few of our favorite Aurender selections:



Designed to be used with high performance digital-to-analog converters, the Aurender N10 – the penultimate server is the only Music Player to support on-the-fly precision DSD to PCM conversion by FPGA.

With 8TB of (4TBx2) internal hard disk drives and one 240GB solid-state drive cache for playback, the N10 is the perfect solution for even the most extensive high resolution music collections.


N-100 H/C

If you own a computer audio system, you know that time spent fussing is time lost listening.

Consider the alternative - the Aurender N100H or N100C seamlessly replaces your aging computer. Your music will now be stored on the N100’s internal hard drive, available in either 2TB or 4TB capacity with a 120GB solid state (SSD) caching drive performing all file playback for superior fidelity and reliability. Management of your digital music library and Tidal lossless streaming service is simple and intuitive, thanks to our award-winning Aurender Conductor app. And all major digital file formats are supported at native bit and sampling rates.

Housed in beautiful machined aluminum casework, either N100 version will compliment your existing system components and deliver a new level of musicality you have to hear to believe.