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If someone had asked me a couple of years ago what kind of speaker the world could use given the abundance of models available , I would have said

" How about a REALLY NEUTRAL SOUNDING moderately sized floorstander which can play any kind of music soft or loud which can work in small and large rooms alike presented in an attractive package which sells under 10K made right here in the States ." Then we would have both smiled and sighed because there was no such thing. Then almost like a wish coming true ENDEAVOR AUDIO ENGINEERING INTRODUCED THE AMAZING E-3II .

Endeavor Audio is the alter ego of the very talented Leif Swanson who has for a number of years now has been an integral part of the design team at Von Schweickert Audio. This past year the two companies merged bringing together two of the most talented speaker guys in the USA Leif and Albert Von Schweickert under one roof. The result has been most salutory.

In addition to the E3 Endeavor produces the E5 , which looks a little like an E3 on growth hormones and provides the scale and dynamics one would expect of a speaker its size and price without ever losing the charm and intimacy characteristic of the its little sibling.

To date I have heard no speaker system under 10k which can outplay the E3 II

and few which come close . Considering the ease with which they can navigate any and all genres of music and their uncanny ability to bring out the best of the music in any environment the E-3 mk II certainly are the speaker to beat.


“When I first heard the E3 this year, I was blown away. I don’t say that lightly, either – the flippin’ system was loud enough to fracture drywall. But the sound I heard was extended, dynamic, and detailed – even when stuffed into a tiny shoebox of a hotel room.”