ALL In One Systems

With space being at a premium in many homes audiophiles have longed for a one box solution which contains all  electronics one needs in one package without sacrificing sound quality.

While many Manufacturers offer these solutions There is really only one which makes ALL IN ONE components which perform at a true audiophile level and which represent equivalent performance to separate

components at the same price and that is AVM.


AVM 6.3/8.3

Reigning over all other ALL IN ONE players the AVM 6.3 and 8.3 represent the pinnacle of performance in their category.

With a tube input stage,an output  derived from AVM'S outstanding solid state poawer amps, and an exceptional AVM DAC onboard the sound of both the the 6.3 and th 8.3 is truly exceptional.

Like all other OVATION Line units, the CS 8.3 & CS 6.3 offer vast and versatile connectivity and control possibilities. In doing so, not only the common music streaming formats are being supported. Furthermore, digital inputs including an asynchronous USB-input and SPDIF inputs and outputs are available. Connected NAS or external hard drives may also be operated as well as USB jump drives. The software (firmware) of the streaming engine is easily online upgradeable online. This way future Formats and additional features may be implemented with an easy update.

Special attention was given to authentic and excellent CD reproduction. The acoustically shielded CD mechanism is mounted in the rigid OVATION Line housing to protect it from unwanted influences (vibrations etc.).All-In-One CD-Receiver · 2 x 500 W · X-STREAM HiRes Engine: Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify® Connect, Roon Ready, TIDAL, QOBUZ, UPnP, Webradio · Multiroom & Party Sync Mode · HiFi Bluetooth · Quad DAC 384kHz/32bit · DSD128 · Slot-In Pure CD Drive · Class-A headphone amplifier · Convenient control via RC X App for iOS & Android · Optional RC 9 remote control with color display