Ch Precision

The name really says it all. CH stands for  Confederation Helvetique ( Switzerland ) and precision is exactly what you get at a level I have never before experienced.

I love everything about CH precision. Take its flexibility . Any Ch component can operate in stereo or mono mode. Start with an M1 stereo amp and with the purchase of a second one turn the finest stereo amp you have ever heard into the most extraordinary mono amp on the planet. 
All CH  line level and digital components are essentially modular .You pick the inputs and outputs which best meets your listening style and if you wish add more at any time by slipping in a new input/output board. After you pull your jaw off the floor in response to the remarkable sound produced by the C1 DAC contemplate how it can even better by the addition of an X1 power supply. The possibilities seem endless! Most importantly Ch components seem to grab hold of recordings  and painstakingly yet effortlessly bring out all that they can give. If you are going solid state and want the best- and a best that can keep on getting better CH is way to go.

CH Precision is a Swiss company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commercialization of ultra high-end audio products under the 'CH' brand. Fully designed and manufactured in Switzerland, CH products stand out for their exceptional audio performances and build quality.
CH products provide a unique blend of ultimate audio performance, timeless design and build quality. Based on the latest technologies and open for future upgrades due to its modular approach, they make every audiophile's heart beat faster. Last but not least, the company takes enormous pride in correlating superb audio performance with excellent measured performance and reliability.

Here are a few of our favorite Ch Precision selections:


C1 Reference Digital to Analog Controller

Designed for the true music lover, the C1's apparent simplicity hides highly sophisticated technological solutions with the single goal of recreating the full musical experience. This emotion can only be achieved when both level and time information are properly reconstructed from the digital data. And this is what the C1 is all about...

The C1 is based on a fully modular, future-proof architecture. Up to three inputs boards include standard digital inputs complemented by the proprietary CH-Link interface. Optional streaming audio inputs as well as line-level analog inputs enable the use of the C1 as a full featured preamplifier thanks to its integrated volume control.

A reference grade linear power supply (with <1W power consumption in standby mode), sophisticated mechanical chassis design and full USB based firmware update also contribute the C1's uniqueness, for now and for any future format!


L1 Dual Monaural Line Preamplifier

The uttermost quality of a preamplifier is its transparency. The source is selected and the volume is applied, however the original audio characteristics and signal dynamics are fully retained. The L1, a dual monaural analog line level preamplifier, was developed using this approach. It is a pure class A, ultra low noise, high bandwidth, fully balanced transistor based design. It provides the shortest path between input and output, maintaining the highest speed, transparency and musicality, allowing the L1 to become a truly exceptional preamplifier.


P1 Dual Monaural Phono Stage

It is well known that the electrical characteristics of turntable cartridges differ greatly from one cartridge to another. Ohm’s law shows that Moving Magnet cartridges will generate larger voltages while Moving Coil cartridges are generally more efficient at delivering current. Phono stages should take full advantage of the cartridges’ strengths and amplify the signal in the way they work best.

With two dedicated MC current inputs and one MM/MC voltage input, the P1 provides the optimal coupling to all types of cartridges.

In addition, discrete class A stages as well as the highest grade, tight tolerance components allow the P1 to deliver hi The P1 provides two moving coil current inputs, featuring the following specifications:

inputs specifically designed for low output, low internal resistance MC cartridges

current mode for best signal to noise ratio when paired with low output MC cartridges

no impedance adjustment required in current mode

XLR and RCA connector available on each input

Moving magnet / moving coil voltage input


The P1 provides a more classical voltage input, featuring the following specifications:

input designed for MM, MC cartridges and step-up transformers

ultra low noise FET-input stage

cartridge loading adjustment, variable from 100k Ohms to 20 Ohms in over 500 steps

wizard to select the cartridge's optimal loading through frequency response automated analysis

XLR and RCA connections

EQ curves

RIAA and enhanced RIAA (with additionnal Neumann pole) EQ curves factory fitted

high grade, tight tolerance custom components

optional add-on board containing EMI, Columbia, Decca and Teldec EQ curves

Analog signal path

selectable high-pass subsonic filter to remove unwanted rumble

ultra low noise, high bandwidth, high slew rate design

class A, discrete transistor based design performances for a transparent yet natural sound.


M1 2-channel Reference Power Amplifier

Being able to truthfully and accurately reproduce today’s highest quality recordings has never been more challenging. Only when each element of the reproduction chain is able to precisely recreate the music’s time and level information can a genuine emotion be felt.

The M1, CH Precision 1 Series’ most powerful amplifier was developed with this in mind. The leading-edge technological advancements implemented on the A1 were further refined, among others is the ExactBias circuitry and a finer loudspeaker matching.

Specified at 200W RMS into 8Ω in monaural mode, 2x 200W RMS into 8Ω in bi-amplification / Stereo modes and 700W RMS into 8Ω in bridge mode, the M1 houses a dedicated 2200VA power transformer providing the amplifier output stage with ample energy to accurately and effortlessly drive the most demanding loudspeakers.

“As classically correct as solid state gets yet as musically engaging and expressive as the best electronics I’ve used, the CH Precision L1, P1 and M1 come awfully close to the "nothing added, nothing taken away" ideal of high-end replay. Yes, they have a character to go with their astonishing levels of resolution and organization, but they never allow sonic obsession to obstruct their musical purpose. No, they don’t match the rich body and sheer presence of the best -- the very best -- tube electronics. Listening to them, am I aware that I’m listening to solid-state designs? Yes, but only if I actually stop to think about it -- and that’s the key. What CH Precision has achieved is to bend solid-state technology and combine it with sophisticated microprocessor control to produce purely musical ends. Like all truly great designs -- and make no mistake about their greatness -- these products exploit their chosen technology and materials and ameliorate their flaws. The result is capable, poised and polished performance that still manages to shock, surprise and amuse. The musical message is so central and so articulate that the medium becomes utterly secondary.

The M1 power amp is simply the most musically accomplished, high-powered solid-state piece it has been my pleasure to use. I love its configurable nature and I love the idea of adding additional amps along the way, even if the cost of just one of these is beyond my means. One M1 or two A1s? Definitely the M1. It has a confidence and stability, a freedom from constraint at either end of the musical range that is rare indeed. Which leaves us with the L1, the least outwardly special but, quietly, the most impressive and fundamentally musical product here.

Used individually, any of these units will, by turns, astonish, beguile, impress and entertain. Used together, I have no doubt that this is one of the finest and most musically complete electronic chains currently available. It is also by its nature, one of the most musically consistent. The cost of ownership is horribly and unattainably high and, given the ability to seemingly expand each and every component ever further, almost without limit, but for those who can afford it, the performance will -- and will always -- justify the price.”


by Roy Gregory | May 11, 2018


A1.5-2-channel Reference Power Amplifier

As the driving force behind recreating the full musical experience, the task of the power amplifier may seem desperately simple but is indeed highly complex. Achieving our simple goal of ”add nothing, remove nothing” to preserve the full musical emotion has resulted in a ground breaking new amplifier topology. Housed in a chassis similar to the C1 and D1, the A1.5 sets new standards in terms of performance, flexibility of adjustments, industrial design and pure enjoyment.

The A1.5 is based on a novel proprietary amplifier architecture which optimizes the critical matching of the amplifier with the speaker. It can be operated either as a mono or stereo amplifier

A sophisticated mechanical chassis design and full USB based firmware update • 2x 150W / 8 Ohms, 2x 275W / 4 Ohms, 2 x 500W, 2 Ohms - 1x 550W / 8 Ohms in bridge mode .

”The C1+A1 combination sounds ultra-transparent, clean and controlled clean but also smooth and fluid, and organic. CH nothing is added and nothing is subtracted but this is actually what seems to be happening here. However, it is not a system that delivers the truth at the expense of musicality. Sure, play mediocre recordings and they will sound mediocre, but you can literally play any kind of music on this system, and it plays everything without prejudice and without ever adding even a hint of hardness.

Some audio components excel in their ability to allow the listener to dissect the music into its every musical strand, for example to precisely follow a certain subtle rhythmic aspect or almost hidden melody line. Often though, such super-transparent components can make for a more technical delivery, reducing the emotional impact in the process. Other audio components excel in luring one into the emotional performance and making one forget about the technical aspects altogether. These components, however, can tend to “generalize” the subtle elements of which the music is made. This discrepancy is something that I have often proclaimed to be inevitable because like humans, no audio component is perfect.

CH Precision audio components tick all the audiophile boxes, there need be no concern about that. however, they are unique in my experience for possessing the finest technical abilities while totally making one forget about them by simply sounding utterly realistic, wholly musical and absolutely convincing. The various technical aspects are woven together so utterly seamlessly that one is encouraged to stop the eternal analysis and simply enjoy the musical performances. It’s as close as I have heard audio components come to perfection.”

- Christiaan Punter 10 April 2018


D1 Reference Transport