Lfd Amplifiers

This low-profile operation based in the UK caters to the true connoisseurs of the global audiophile market, offering highly sought-after hand-crafted equipment, to a word-of-mouth client base that demands true quality of performance without frills. Currently, LFD offers two models of integrated amps, the LFD LE V and the LFD NCSE II. LFD Audio is a company that happily avoids showy PR and refuses to give up its products for favorable reviews. All of this, satisfied customers say, draws them to the LFD amplifier.

Dr. Richard Bews, the man behind LFD audio, says that, when it comes to phono stages and integrated amplifiers, the quality of the components in a circuit are more important than the circuit itself, particularly when it comes to the overall performance of a design. What makes LFD circuits most unique are that they usually long-discontinued special components, which currently have no sonic equal. With an LFD product, nothing else on today’s market will approach, equal or exceed some of the classic components that LFD Audio uses.

While the circuits used in each of LFD audio’s two integrated amplifiers are definitely similar, the quality of the components, right down to the solder and multi-diameter silver wiring, progressively improve as you move through the range. In every case, components are crafted to work in full harmony not only with the next component on the circuit, but with every component throughout the entire piece of equipment. That takes a level of experience that only LFD can offer.

The LFD is the product of choice for audiophiles who value musicality over brute force, as well as the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Here are a few of our favorite Lfd Amplifiers selections: