Stein Music


While we do not have the scientific background to provide a cogent scientific explanation of how these devices work, we can tell you that they are powerful and are all highly effective at eliminating unwanted reflections and focusing your system to provide the most articulate sound stage possible.

Perhaps the best known Tweaks made by Stein Music are the H2 Harmonizers and various complementary “ stones” like the Blue Suns, Blue Diamonds and Black Diamonds.

Placed strategically around any listening room the BASIC Stein music system ( 4 HARMONIZERS AND 8 BLACK STONES) dramatically improves detail, warmth and sound stage to an extent that frankly seems impossible! add the Blue diamonds, epads, and Speaker Match AND LISTEN AS YOUR SYSTEM GROWS EVER MORE REALISTIC UNTIL YOU CAN VIRTUALLY REACH OUT AND TOUCH the music.

The PDF Steinmusic manual for the Harmonizers describes their function as "elongating the air molecules" – i.e. "charging" the air in the listening room in a manner that facilitates the transmission of musical energy through the room. It seems to be suggesting that this charging of the air molecules means that when the speaker output enters the listening room space it does not have to overcome the inertia of uncharged/un-elongated air in the room. Holger Stein states that they operate on A QUANTUM LEVEL. Science or black magic? All I can do is to confirm that these widgets work. I would not listen to my system without them.

Even More amazing in some ways are the Epads. These things which look like a piece of silver backed tape with adhesive when placed at the corners of windows dramatically cut down on glare caused by sound reflecting off glass to an extent that makes one question ones sanity.They are said to work on a subatomic level(Quantum). Hard to believe true , but the effects that they have cutting back on glass ringing is undeniable.

Preventing micro phonics from air borne vibration is an industry unto itself . One of the most effective and least expensive ways of subduing them is to put one’s components on Stein Supernatural Footers. They look like two pieces of Cork separated by a plastic disc but they work better than almost anything out there.