Rogers Fidelity

A relative new comer on the Audio Stage Rogers Fidelity is the creation of Roger Gibboni, and electrical engineer who has designed and built a host of High Tech devices for over twenty years. A few years ago Roger turned his attention to designing  tube integrated amps and the results have demonstrated the wisdom of that decision. In particular we are enamored of the Pa-2 tube phono stage which is the yin to the Tom Evans Yang. Slightly on the sweet side we find thePA2 to be the ideal match for cartridges like Lyras ,My Sonic Labs and Ortofons. 



Here are a few of our favorite Rogers Fidelity selections:


Rogers Fidelity PA-1A

In short, if you don’t need more than one MC phono input, your search ends here. It’s that good –Jeff Dorgay, ToneAudioAnalog performance to ultimate perfection has always been the standard at Rogers High Fidelity. Our newest performer, the PA-1A Phono Preamplifier follows our heritage in every detail. You have not heard your record collection until you have heard it being played through the Rogers High Fidelity PA-1A Phono Preamplifier. It’s dual-mono, Class-A, all-tube design has an industry leading signal-to-noise ratio and represents an all out assault on the state-of-the-art. Unless you are listening to your vinyl collection through our high performance, vacuum-tube preamp, you are missing out on half of the tonal qualities that you love about analog reproduction.