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With more than 35 awards and accolades from international press outlets, and unprecedented praise from the world’s most respected audio journalists, it hasn’t taken long for Kronos to become a worldwide leader in turntables.

Kronos makes success seem easy by offering what the company calls, “a simple formula for success” – build turntables that respect the music they’re made to play, create the best performance to price ratio that the industry offers, and offer products that are not only easy to maintain, but built to last for generations to come.

It’s not just this simple formula alone, however, that makes the Kronos Audio Products line of turntables an industry success story. The most obvious distinguishable Kronos difference is its opposing rotation two-platter design, known as the dual platter counter-rotating revolution, which effectively eliminates the vibration commonly associated with suspended turntables. The result is an unparalleled audio platform, free of noise, and vibration with dynamic stabilization that no other turntable can match. That’s because every single component of a Kronos turntable is designed to eliminate unwanted vibrations, using groundbreaking technologies and innovative designs.

The unique Kronos DC computer-controlled drive systems deliver pinpoint speed control, free of vibration. The company’s proprietary hyper-precision platter bearings rotate so smoothly that critics are praising them as incredibly durable, while remaining maintenance-free. Each plinth is created using the most advanced combination of materials to ensure rigidity while minimizing acoustic feedback. Best of all, the Kronos suspension system is designed not only for efficiency, but for ease of use.

Kronos uses world-renowned recording engineers to fine-tune and optimize each and every turntable, by comparing test-press playback performance to their original master tapes. This unique comparative testing process has helped the Kronos Audio Products line of turntables achieve unprecedented new heights in neutral frequency response, natural timbres and transients, and outstanding dynamics.

It is no wonder that critics from across the globe are praising Kronos and, in particular, the Kronos Sparta.

Here are a few of our favorite Kronos selections:


Pro Le II