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Christmas Grab-Bag - Musical Fidelity X-Series!

Face it, we all spend too much time at work. Many of us like to listen to music while we are going through our daily routine. I find that music alleviates the drudgery and increases my creativity. However, this is only true when the quality of the music I'm listening to doesn't hurt my ears.

My desktop system consists of the Musical Fidelity X-RAYv8 CD player and X-T100 Integrated Amplifier, connected to a pair of Devore Fidelity Gibbon 3 loudspeakers. Total retail cost is over $4000. The heart of this system are the 2 new fabulous X-series components from Musical Fidelity. \


The X-RAYv8 CD player is a high-performance CD player in a small package. Don’t let its size fool you – its specs are comparable to CD players three to five times the price! It has a clear, sweet, ungrainy sound. The X-T100 Integrated Amplifier is based around exactly the same concepts as Musical Fidelity’s top-end Tri-Vista and kW series.
It is truly an amazing sounding amplifier at an unbelievable price. Both of these units are powered by the Triple-X power supply unit, which is in a separate chassis. This means that the sound of this system is as clean as can be!

When you buy them separately, the X-series components cost over $5000. Fortunately, we have put together a package which allows our customers to buy the X-RAYv8 CD player, X-T100 Integrated Amplifier, and Triple-X power supply for only $3000.

What about speakers? You can match the X-T100 Integrated Amplifier with speakers from $400 to $4000 to create a truly high-end system for your office. Of course, don't forget that weekend house where you have that awful B--- Wave Radio. The Musical Fidelity X-series components can make it possible for you to hear music the way you've become used to hearing it.

You can buy the X-RAYv8 CD player, X-T100 Integrated Amplifier, and Triple-X power supply package online by paying $3000 via American Express or Paypal. Please add $251 for sales tax for sales within New York State. Flat shipping rate nationwide, $40. You can also call the shop and talk directly to a sales associate at (212) 924-8600.

Easily pay via American Express or Paypal!


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