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In Memoriam

It was with deep sorrow and shock that I learned of the sudden passing, on Sunday July 30, of Dean Roumanis, chief operating officer of Krell Industries. I first encountered Dean on the telephone shortly after he joined Krell in 1986. Yes, I know, it is hard to believe that Dean was not with Krell from the beginning, but in fact there was a Krell before Dean Roumanis, although it is difficult to think of what it must be like there for everyone going forward without him. As would become typical of the future, our first conversation concerned a problem I was having with some piece of equipment which he handled without any fuss or drama in record speed. I knew at that moment that Dean Roumanis was the go-to guy at Krell, and for 20 years I went to him every time I needed to talk about anything concerning the relationship between our two companies. The Dean Roumanis I knew in the day was a world-class problem solver. He had the wisdom and reason to put his customers’ interests as the same level as Krell’s, with the result that everyone benefited pretty much equally. I deeply respected Dean’s sense of equilibrium. Often times I would enter a conversation irate about some such thing, and would finish satisfied that my points had been heard and my ideas considered.

Dean was a loving husband and father and is survived by a wonderful wife and children who, along with him, I am proud to say I have considered friends for 20 years. While I know that there is no such thing as an ideal marriage, I would always marvel at how well Sally and Dean Roumanis jelled. This might be the case, in part, because Sally Roumanis is the kind of person who brings light into every room she walks into, and it also might be that Dean was the kind of guy who could keep that light burning by tending the fire behind it. My heart goes out to Sally and the rest of the Roumanis family. Unfortunately, there are no words that can comfort, so I will simply say that Dean made a profound impression on me and hundreds of other people. He will be missed.

Those of you who’d like to remember Dean can donate whatever you’d like to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in his name.


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