Raidho C 1.2  unequivocaly one of the two  best small speakers in the world (the other being The Raidho D-1) .So transparent, they simply disappear and all you have left is the music ! THE CH PRECISION C-1 :SIMPLY THE FINEST DIGITAL PLAYBACK WE HAVE EVER HEARD ! "The Ypsilon PST100 MKII is the Best Preamp I have ever heard, Also the Best Component I have ever heard"   ... Michael Fremer, Stereophile July 2011 The  AMG Giro turntable brings AMG’s sonic and visual excellence to a larger audience. Under 10k with arm! What is the only small speaker that out performs the Raidho C 1.1 ? That would be the amazing Raidho D 1.Same cabinet and tweeter with the unparalleld Diamond Midrange/ Woofer. In the VPS-100 PHONO STAGE Ypsilon has created what is universally considered to be the finest phono stage in the world Ypsilon Phaeton integrated amp possesses 85% of the performance of their pre/mono poweramps at 40% of the price Best integrated amp Ever! THE NEW ZANDEN 3100 TUBE LINESTAGE OUT PERFORMS  ANTHING ELSE ,TUBE OR SOLID STATE UNDER $18,000.00 LAUDED  AT NY AUDIO SHOW 2013  AS ONE OFTHE BEST SPEAKERS AT ANY PRICE  , THE RAIDHO D2 .1 BEST TUBE INTEGRATED UNDER 22K :VAC SIGMA 160  SIGNATURE/W GLASS CAGE The Spendor D7 is an elegant, modern, medium-size, 2.5 way, floor-standing loudspeaker, that delivers music with a fresh vibrant realism that conventional loudspeakers cannot match. Harbeths New 30.1 monitor redefines accuracy and coherence- the best modest sized "bookshelf' Ever! Norma IPA 140 : an integrated amp of uncompromising performance which is as pretty to look at as it is inspiring to listen to! a triumph at $ 8600.00 Going from no power conditioner to the Audience  aR6-TS is the single biggest improvement you can make  to a High End Audio System ! ( Read More) REGA'S DIMINUTIVE BRIO R INTEGRATED AMP:A  REAL GIANT KILLER !................. READ MORE. TEATRO MOVING COIL CARTRIDGE Best Music Servers Ever.Aurender sets new standards for accuracy of reproduction,ease and reliability of use .Best Ipad App ever@! MARK DOHMAN HELIX 1: THE MOST RESOLVING LOWEST NOISE TURNTABLE I HAVE EVER HEARD. CHORD THE DAVE: BEST DAC UNDER 20 K AND THEN SOME