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The Utopia BE range of products are true reference componenents in every sense of the word. They are designed around the latest technological advance in modern speaker design: the Beryllium tweeter.

Grande Utopia

Gigantic size and Gigantic performance, Gigantic by its presence in the world of acoustical super systems, the Grande Utopia BE is hard to describe even using superlatives. It defines a new category and style, standing alone unique in its qualities. Those who have been fortunate to audition it in a good acoustic environment partnered with high quality electronics have undoubtedly experienced a memorable event. Capable of shrinking itself to present an intimate chamber quartet, then expanding to offer a full size symphonic orchestral experience, the Grande Utopia BE will never give a piano false dimensions, nor will it truncate the most impressive sonic expressions: for this reason, among others, the Grande Utopia BE is a true reference system.


Nova Utopia


How is it that the Nova Utopia BE can so easily bring together the rare confluence of timbre, superior soundstaging with stunning depth and perfect mastery of the bass range, with complete freedom from any residual coloration...There is only one possible explanation: purity of lineage. As the direct descendant of the Grande Utopia BE, the Nova Utopia BE has benefited from the best in technology to become the purest servant of musical truth... Nova Utopia BE adds no falsehoods, and sets aside any sensationalism or over emphasis of any part of the range, or any specific tonal or timbral quality in order to preserve that subtle balance which is so vital in preserving what is so simply called reality. The Nova Utopia BE remains a model of magnificence and serenity, and provides the emotional experience of finally finding truth.

Alto Utopia

The Alto Utopia BE comes from the heart of the Utopia BE concept.
The magnificent three part enclosure is a jewel finished in its entirety with precious woods and piano gloss lacquers... what more can be said? The performance of the Alto Utopia BE comprises equal levels of transparency and energy, bringing together the most subtle timbre and the ability to transcribe the most refined inner detail of the mid and treble range along with the power of an extended deep bass which provides an excellent foundation for the whole.


Micro Utopia

The Micro Utopia BE is the most compact in the Utopia BE range, designed to be a standmounted system. The new Micro Utopia BE uses a single, high performance 6-1/2" "W" cone woofer. Twin laminar ports either side of the TGU tweeter housing ensures deep and powerful bass even from the smallest Utopia model.

Center Utopia
The Center Utopia BE has been designed to keep up with the immense power delivered by the Nova Utopia BE and Grande Utopia BE models when used in a home-theatre system. A true 3-way system, the Center Utopia BE uses one 10" "W" cone woofer for bass, 2 6-1/2" "W" cone drivers for midrange and the legendary pure Beryllium tweeter. The Center Utopia BE has been designed for truly top end systems, so to avoid any degradation of performance the carefully optimized drive units are not magnetically screened.


JM Lab Electra 1000Be series speakers!

JM Lab 1007Be

Following on the heels of the Utopia Be series comes the fabulous JM Lab 1007Be and 1027Be speakers! The 1007Be ($4,000/pr.) employs a pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter that runs flat out to 40 kHz and JM's unique composite sandwich 6 1/2" woofer linked by their outstanding OPC crossover, The result is anearly perfect "Bookshelf" sized speaker - one which produces a sound stage and dynamics that belie its size. Fast as a rocket ship, the 1007Be presents an easy 8 ohm/89 db load that can be driven by a 25 watt per channel receiver but has all the panache to bring out the qualities of the very best electronics.

Imagine 80% of the performance of the legendary JM Lab Alto Utopia Be speakers at 40% of their price! That describes the sound of the remarkable 1027Be Floorstanding Transducer ($7,500/pr.). The 1027Be uses the same pure beryllium IAL inverted dome tweeter as the 1007Be, but adds two of their patented sandwich composite design 6 1/2" woofers in a 3-way bass-reflex floorstanding loudspeaker that outperforms any resonable expectation one would have of a speaker of their size and price.

JM Lab 1027Be

From 38 Hz to 40 kHz, the 1027Be throws out an image with near perfect staging. Delicate inner detail and resounding crescendos are rendered with equally superb authenticity. Cellos sound like cellos, Telecasters like Telecasters, and Placido like Placido. All in proper balance - size wise and harmonically. I suppose I could find fault with the 1027Be if I really tried, but I am too busy listening!

Find out more information about JM Lab products on the JM Lab website!

JM Lab Sub Be

The JM Lab line of subwoofers are the perfect complement to their fantastic line of speakers!

The Sub Utopia Be completes the last link in creating a multichannel or stereo system of the very highest level. The 16" (40cm) "W" membrane is powered by a gigantic Multiferrite motor adding up to more than 8kg of magnet and delivering considerable energy into a high tech four-layer voice coil.

There are many JM Lab subwoofers available, from the small sub/sat Cub, up to the mighty Sub Be (pictured)!

Cub is a new compact active subwoofer equipped with an 8" woofer and 75W amplifier. Cub can be connected to any stereo or home-cinema amplifier thanks to its numerous connection options, offering both line level and high (loudspeaker) level input sockets. It is the perfect complement to Sib in stereo applications with ample bass to fill big rooms. In home cinema systems together with five Sib loudpseakers the system is capable of delivering a true home cinema experience with full dynamic impact in spite of its compact nature.

JM Lab Cub

JM Lab iCub

JM Lab Sib

The world of audio has enjoyed tremendous change. The Internet, home networks and MP3 portable hard drives - with ever increasing storage capacities - have sparked a huge increase in the popularity for music, especially within younger generations, but not for traditional hi-fi .
This new audience considers conventional hi-fi to be too complicated, too cumbersome, too expensive and not much fun. Their experience of what they consider “hi-fi ” is usually a pair of simple computer speakers connected to a PC, capable of delivering a reasonable performance “near field” but unable to reproduce a “big” room filling sound to professional levels of detail, depth and dynamics.

iCub presents a unique opportunity to allow this new audience to really access true high-fidelity, via a modern product in tune with their life style. Based on the specification of the recently introduced Cub 2 subwoofer, iCub integrates three BASH® amplifiers, with a maximum capacity of 400 Watts, a high precision 20bit D/A convertor (ST TDA7535) and multiple inputs, including optical digital, all with automatic detection so there’s no need to manually turn iCub on or off.

Check out the full line of speakers from JM Lab at Sound By Singer today!

Find out more information about JM Lab products on the JM Lab website!

With the advent of more and more multi-room audio/video systems, JM Lab has expanded their line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. No matter what your budget, there's a fantastic sounding JM Lab solution for you!

JM Lab IW-1000Be

With the arrival of the new In-Wall Electra IW 1000 Be loudspeaker, Focal offers a high-performance in-wall solution that incorporates the best technologies of the brand, such as the IAL inverted dome tweeter in pure Beryllium.

The high-end In-Wall tradition at Focal started in 2002 with the launch of the Cache 400 series, the first to demonstrate a "W" drive-unit. This series was recently reborn in the Profile IW 908. With the IW 1000Be however, performance goes much furthur again as the new IAL Beryllium tweeter is employed. It s spatialization and precision make of it a loudspeaker of distinction, blessed with a power handling and an output quite beyond the ordinary.

These speakers have excellent practical aspects: rapid and dependable installation, possibility to paint the frame as well as the aluminum perforated grille for a perfect integration, and a required wall cavity depth of less than 4 inches.

From Custom 100 all the way up to Electra IW 1000Be, Focal has today a large arsenal of quality in-wall loudspeakers, covering a price range of $149 to $2,795 per unit.

800V Surround System

For Focal, Chorus symbolizes one of the most stimulating challenges for the loudspeaker and refined product manufacturer that we are: to allow the greatest number of consumers to access our technological innovations.

Technological innovation does not only solely touch strategic components of the speaker, but the actual whole of the design. Thanks to the use of advanced and exclusive materials, elaborate manufacturing techniques of the cabinets, the Chorus 800 V line of today shines with a unique, hi-end esthetic. Chorus V isn’t only a performing product line, ideal for entering the Focal universe, but objects that will inhabit living spaces, with an innovative esthetic, quality of manufacture and a finish worthy of a higher segment.

The dynamics in film and multichannel music soundtracks push us to surpass ourselves. All the models of the Chorus 800 V line have exceptional power handling and output, giving them a seismic dynamic range, maintained down into deep bass thanks to the new optimization of the ports and the cabinets.
The new subwoofer SW 800 V follows this logic. It inherits much from the famous SW 700 S from the last generation, renowned for the quality of its impact and its dynamic range.

The increased rigidity of the cabinet, the double port, the powerful BASH® amplifier, which exceeds 350 Watts, new, accessible settings make for many important improvements and a bass even deeper and more powerful despite a limited cabinet displacement.

Jm Lab SW 800 V Subwoofer


CC 800V Center Speaker

The Chorus CC 800 V center channel speaker benefits from optimal settings in order to marry to the other loudspeakers in the Chorus 800 V series. Despite its simple configuration, we managed to achieve directionality curves to combat the typical limitations of a center channel speaker (an instable 3D image, “boxy” dialogue sound, inconsistent transition between the three front speakers).

The naturalness and precision of the dialogue constitute a major strength for this perfectly designed loudspeaker.

The third generation of Chorus speakers, Chorus 700 V, goes even further. A direct descendant of the Chorus 800 V line of which it heavily borrows technical elements yet with a more traditional finish, Chorus 700 V invites you in to the Focal universe. The build quality and high-end finishing work are entirely unknown in this price-range. Technology, innovation, tradition and exclusive design are our trademarks, being our “the Spirit of Sound”.
Krell FPB300c Amplifier
700V Surround System

CC 700V Center Channel

The CC 700 V centre speaker is a sealed, more compact version of the Chorus CC 800 V. It was designed to obtain adapted directivity curves that would surpass the limits of the traditional 2-way centre channel speaker (lack of stability in the 3D image, “megaphone” dialogue sound, poor transition between the other two front speakers). The quality of the dialogue and the resulting harmony with the other sound effects is exceptional.

The SW 700 V inherits the motor of the famous SW 700 S of the preceding generation. The firmness of the bass from the 27cm woofer, married to the inexhaustible resources of the 300 Watt BASH® amplifier, surely benefits from the exceptional rigidity of the new Chorus 700 V cabinets. All these loudspeakers benefit from the experience accumulated from Electra 1000 Be, Profile 900 and of course, the Utopia Be line as we continue on our obsessive quest: the recreated, live concert.
Krell FPB300c Amplifier
SW 700V Subwoofer

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