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dCS Verdi Encore
dCS Verdi Encore
For many years dCS users all over the world have enjoyed the finest digital front end system on the market. Now, they’ve designed an SACD/CD transport that upsamples CD to DSD directly on board! The dCS Verdi Encore transport eliminates the need for an ‘upsampler’ in the system—it’s now built in! In conjunction with the new dCS Verona clocking system and the Elgar plus DAC, the Encore is part of the most sophisticated digital system in the world. Additionally, the b will allow you to upsample external sources to DSD!

dCS Elgar Plus
The dCS Elgar Plus is one of the two most advanced and musical sounding audiophile D/A converters in the world.

It is an evolution of the now legendary dCS Elgar. The original dCS Elgar was launched in 1996, when it made history by becoming the world’s first 24/96 audiophile D/A converter. In 1998 some more history was made when we upgraded the Elgar and it became the world’s first audiophile 24/192 D/A converter. In 2000, history was made yet again when we added the facility to accept DSD data from professional DSD digital sources and the Elgar Plus became the first audiophile DSD D/A converter. In 2001, an IEEE1394 digital interface was added as standard.
The Elgar Plus uses the IEEE 1394 Interface to accept DSD data from the amazing DCS Verdi Encore SACD/CD Transport. The only way to get the most out of Elgar Plus is to use the Verdi Encore Transport, because it not only plays SACD's, but also upsamples red book CD to SACD and sends that signal out via the IEEE 1394 cable to the Elgar Plus to decode.
The result is a system which makes your CD's sound 99% as good as an SACD!

Every audiophile knows that "jitter" is the prime nemesis of transport/DAC combinations. Typically, jitter is addressed via the internal clocking mechanism of both the transport and the DAC. But, if you want to make it disappear completely, add the DCS Verona External Word Clock. The result is the removal of another obstacle between you and the music.

For almost 10 years the dCS Verdi Encore/Elgar Plus/Verona have occupied the universally-recognized position as the best sounding CD/SACD playback system in the world. Those days are over.
With the introduction of the dCS Scarlatti STT CD/SACD transport, Scarlatti SDC D/A converter and Scarlatti SCK master clock, a new standard in digital playback has been set, one which I, personally, would not have believed possible. Say it any way you want, "there's a new sheriff in town"; "the king is dead, long live the king"! Or, "meet the new heavyweight champion of the world". Use any metaphor you can think of to describe a palpable superiority in performance and you are only scratching the surface of how musical and how much better sounding the Scarlatti system is than the Verdi Encore/Elgar Plus. This is due not only to dCS' new advanced algorithms but also to a level of construction quality and parts selection which is an order of magnitude better than its forebear. The Scarlatti transport/DAC are built like the proverbial brick s-- houses. Most impressively, the Scarlatti transport employs Esoteric's finest VRDS/Neo transport mechanism which is available only in the Scarlatti STT CD/SACD transport and Esoteric's best CD drive.

There simply isn't any question about it: If you want the very best, you need to own the Scarlatti transport and DAC. If you already have a Verona, you can use it as the master clock or upgrade it to the Scarlatti SCK with its ever so slightly noticeable increase in performance and unearthly build quality.

We stand ready to take your order for delivery of Scarlatti within 2 weeks, or if you need convincing, come on down and we'll do an A/B comparison between the Verdi Encore / Elgar Plus and the Scarlatti system. Just don't plan on getting up quickly. You will be in a state of shock.

All of the dCS products shown here can be auditioned today at Sound by Singer!

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