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Sound By Singer, Ltd was BORN INTO HIGH END AUDIO and we remain fiercely loyal to our roots.

Other forms of entertainment may come and go but music always was, is now, and always will be an essential ingredient to nourish our souls. To ensure that our customers have a balanced diet, we have assembled the finest collection of high end audio components and systems available anywhere.

Proud Dealers of: High End Audio and Video Equipment
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The Best, in a word, is what Sound By Singer is all about. Personally, I have only ever wanted to own the best equipment available, and likewise, I only want to sell the best equipment. Why would you ever want anything less? It is this pursuit of excellent that we bring you Best of the Best. At Sound By Singer, we are constantly encouraging our manufacturers to push their design abilities to the limit and we are ever on the look-out for finding the best equipment for our store. Why do we do this? Because we know that you, our loyal customers, come to Sound By Singer for one reason, the BEST.

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