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~True to the Music~

~Pure and Simple~

For over thirty-five years Audible Illusions has been recognized as a major contributor in the development of high-end tube audio components. Based on the design philosophy that with tube designs “Simpler is Better” Its Modulus preamplifiers have received critical acclaim from audio critics and thousands of enthusiastic owners. Today our resolve to bring value to reference level sound is stronger than ever. Combining innovative design with the finest components available ensures AI will continue to meet its objectives.

Completely handcrafted,AI designs have at their epicenter, the goal of being true to the music. As sound interacts with human senses the art of producing quality audio equipment requires more than just great engineering, it requires experience. Many years of design, engineering and manufacturing has provided this company with the ability to deliver products that offer an unrivaled combination of Sonics, Quality and Value.

The Audible Illusions  L3A preamp is on the leading edge of audio technology. and makes elegant use of engineering approaches to circuit board design that improves signal flow and reduce interference and vibration. A Class A, zero feedback, single-ended design built on the proven tube design philosophy that “simpler is better”. Additional improvements include dedicated relay signal switching and Teflon coupling capacitors which result in outstanding resolution. The L3A also features a dedicated external power supply which isolates AC fields from the main chassis and prohibits common-mode noise from interfering with the musical waveform.

In terms of features the L3A is an audio control center second to none. It has inputs and switching designed for CD, DVD, Tuner, External Phono Stage, Video, Aux and Tape. Volume and Muting functions are operated from the front panel or with Remote Control. The L-R Balance Controls are Precision Stepped Attenuators.

For Home Theater use the L3A includes complete input and output switching facilities for Surround Sound Processors. Another feature incorporates special active buffer circuitry for optimum matching of components which prevents signal degradation and impedance mismatches.

As with the previous Modulus preamplifiers, the L3A is next step in the evolution of our famous single-ended designs. The Heart of Fine Audio and Video Systems for Years to Come.