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Wolf Von Langa



Wolf Von Langa designs and Manufactures Modern Field Coil based loudspeaker systems of which The SON  is currently the only Model available for purchase. and thank goodness it is! First a little Primer:

The Field Coil loudspeaker is fundamentally different and better than any form of other moving coil lodspeakers .


Almost all modern speakers are permanent magnet speakers. That is, they have a fixed magnetic field created by a magnet.. With a fixed magnet speaker the voice coil is suspended in a gap between the poles of the magnet. The voltage that is applied to the voice coil causes it to move in and out.

A field coil speaker uses two coils; the voice coil and a field coil. Instead of a magnet, DC is applied to the field coil creating a magnetic field. This takes the place of the permanent magnet in creating the fixed magnetic field. Von Langa  Field coil-based drivers drastically reduce distortion levels, and are able to control the driver much more accurately. Drivers in speakers vibrate up to thousands of times per second. Some claim that permanent magnets actually lose strength slightly with each vibration, causing a loss of low-level information and a blurring of the signal. Von Langa Field coil drivers, with their own power supplies do  not lose strength and so have much less distortion than their permanent magnet counterparts.The result is



Love before the first note !


 "Anyone who wants to buy a loudspeaker that even begins to be approximately in this price range should, no, must listen to the SON. I'll definitely keep mine.“

„…it’s like sitting in the recording studio… Quite frankly, I’d rather sit in front of the SON and am happy… – it attracts me to the music so much. … The way  SON constructs the sound composition, what drama it is able to represent, makes me doubt that it could get any better. Especially the different spatially depth and immersion does create a tension, that almost leaves me breathless…“

 Bayer: Christian- image hifi, No. 127, January/February 2016


True greatness comes from within
Acoustic furniture combined with unique technology for a complete musical experience

Just as a singer’s voice has little to do with the size of his body, the physical size of the brand new Son has little to do with its sound. Son is the smallest Wolf von Langa field coil loudspeaker - acoustic furniture, as he calls it - but its sound is among the biggest. As a result of the fine-tuned combination of a unique 11" field coil speaker with an ultra-fast high frequency driver, music played through the Son fills the room with sound, while the technology takes a back seat. The perfect execution of the finest components, accomplished in the Wolf von Langa workplace, will delight; and in conjunction with their award worthy designs, they will fit nicely in any upscale residential ambience. The Son is a perfect speaker for the living room, the music room, the library, or any place in the home where people like to enjoy the sound of their own favorite music.