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Roland Gauder is that rare individual in whom scientific training and knowledge resides in the same measure as an intense love and understanding of Music.

Recently Expounding on his design philosophyzhe noted:

"A loudspeaker is something very complex as it transforms electrical energy into mechanical movement thus producing acoustical pressure differences by the complex acoustical impedance which can be deduced by our human ear. This means a twofold transformation which is afflicted with non-linearities. So you need to know a lot about electro technique, mechanics and acoustics. Additionally you need knowledge about vibration behaviour of various materials and vibration and statics of cabinets. You need all this and more to be competitive today. For me I can say that there is additional this love to mathematics which offers new ways to loudspeaker theory and calculations.

Yes, and there still is this second leg you need: the love to music to be able to judge your creations. I am still thinking that a music-hating scientist can never create a good-sounding loudspeaker. He would create a music reproduction machine which actually makes no mistakes but does not touch your soul. But exactly this is it about music: you have to get goose bumps right away from the first tone you hear. This longing for non-stop listening to music, that’s what it takes. Only then you can say you have created something really good!"

This philosophy is reflected in each and every speaker Gauder creates from the $ 4000.00 Arcona 40 to the mighty RC Berlina 11( 250k). The difference between them might be measured in the size of the goosebumps you feel when listening to music through them!

 The Arcona series features a perfect compromise between price and sound quality. Equipped with all the technologies of the Berlina series it offers a wide range of very interesting loudspeakers for customers who want to start into the unique world of HighEnd Audio. From the small bookshelf Arcona 40, a highpass-filtered 2-way system, to the tall floorstanding Arcona 200, an elaborate 4-way system the technical solutions lead to a natural dynamical sound which is outstanding in each class.  


Equipped with the world-wide unique ceramic and diamond drivers of Accuton the Ceramics series brings you into a new world of HighEnd Audio. These diaphragms show such a perfect impulse response and resolution that you will be fascinated within seconds. Even though Vescova and Cassiano are not huge in size they offer a big and natural sound and with the built-in room equalization possibility (-1.5 dB, linear, + 1.5 dB) yo
u can easily adapt them to any listening room.


Cutting edge of loudspeaker design


How important a resonance-free and vibration-free cabinet is is demonstrated by all loudspeakers of the famous Berlina series. The Rib Construction (RC-concept) is the perfect housing for the famous Accuton ceramic and diamond drivers. In connection with our high slope filters, WBT binding-posts you will hear your favorite music in a new dimension – the best sounding loudspeakers in the world!


 In granting the Berlina RC9 speaker system ist golden Ear Award for 2016 Andre Jennings had this to say:

"Gauder Akustik Berlina RC 9 Loudspeaker

Loudspeakers are often described as being a window to the performance. The best of them remove the window (and walls) entirely in an effort to place you within the performance, capture you, and let you explore—holistically or individually—the essence of the composition. Because of the consistently stable pianissimo-to-fortississimo resolution, clarity, and dynamic capabilities within its methodically crafted DNA, the Berlina RC 9 performs on par with (or better than) its peers. As expanded in the review, this loudspeaker plays like a chameleon to music reproduction as well as source and amplification components in front of it. Loudspeakers are personal in that their character tends to set the limits of what’s possible with playback systems. The old adage that resolution lost can never be recovered fits all components in the listening chain but speakers are the last bastion of purity from which the music must emerge. The Berlina RC 9 easily holds the line."

The Absolute Sound ,October 3, 2016

We could not agree more .


 Perhaps even more remarkable is the new Berlina RC 7.

When a speaker plays in the plus 100k region we rightfully expect it to perform at an otherworldly level as the RC 9  clearly demonstrates . But, when we are able to experience nearly the same level of performance from a transducer under $50,000.00 that is an engineering feat to be extolled from the Acropolis.

So it is with the Berlina RC 7.