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  AXPONA 2014: Chicago Rises to the Occasion - Greg Weaver, Positive-Feedback
"Rock solid staging and imaging, bottom end punch, dynamics, and definition, midrange purity and focus, upper frequency extension, shimmer, and detail, all with no strain, glare, or congestion, even when really driven to realistic musical levels."


AXPONA 2014: Endeavor Audio Engineering and Your Final System - Scot Hull, Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile
"Anyway, I think this speaker is stupid-good, and I’m thrilled to read what Mal has to say about it — he’s going to be getting a review pair soon."

AXPONA 2014: Wrap Up - Scot Hull, Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile -Best In Show


If someone had asked me a couple of  years ago what kind of  speaker the world could use given the abundance  of models available , I would have said

" How about a  REALLY NEUTRAL SOUNDING moderately sized floorstander which can play any kind of music soft or loud  which can work in small and large rooms alike presented in an attractive package which sells under 10K  made right here in the States  ."

Then we would have both smiled and sighed because there was no such thing.


Then almost like a wish coming true ENDEAVOR AUDIO ENGINEERING INTRODUCED 


The critics were pleased:


“The Endeavor E-3 speakers

seemed underpriced based on

their performance and they could emerge as one of the

best values in floor – standing

speakers under $10,000 that

I’ve heard in some time”







“When I first heard the E3 this year, I was blown away.

I don’t say that lightly, either

– the flippin’ system was loud

enough to fracture drywall.

But the sound I heard was

extended, dynamic,

and detailed – even

when stuffed into a tiny

shoebox of a hotel room.”




  In 2016 the E-3 was dramatically improved and the E-3 Mk II was born  with an amazing leap forward in performance  .  

Featuring advanced speaker components often found in systems many times  their price:

  • Anodized aluminum woofer cones, Kevlar midrange, and Dual Ring Radiator treble unit ensure highest level of sonic transparency in its class. 
  • Top-class measurements with lowest distortion/coloration in price range. 
  • Non-parallel walls and advanced cabinet design for sonic purity. 
  • Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters ensure correct phase coherence and timing.

Now there was no speaker system 10k or under which could out play them

and few which came close . Considering  the ease with which they can navigate any and all genres of music and their uncanny ability  to bring out the best of the music in any environment the E-3 mk II certainly are the speaker to beat.



As Spencer Holbert observed:

"One of the big issues with some speakers is that they sound great only under ideal conditions. Some speakers are so picky that they require entire rooms to be built for them to truly come alive. While we would all love to have acoustic engineers design our listening rooms, very few of us will ever have that opportunity. What I love about the Endeavor E-3s is that they have sounded superb every time I’ve heard them: in my home and at the recent Chicago AXPONA and T.H.E. Show Newport. And you don’t need to take my word for it, just look at show reports since Rocky Mountain 2013 and you’ll find universal acclaim. This is due to the E-3s’ ability to function universally, almost as if they were declaring to the room that it won’t stand in their way. Not that I’m saying the E-3s are perfect, but they have a natural way of blending into their environment and letting the music take over."

The Absolute Sound

September 19 , 2014


Frequency Range: 20 Hz-30 kHz

I.E.C. rating: 29Hz-22kHz, +/-2dB

Impedance Rating: 4 ohms (flat)

Sensitivity: 90dB@ 2.83 V/ meter

Bass Loading Type: 4th order Butterworth bass reflex design, critically damped to Q =0.7

Crossover Points: 220 Hz, 2 kHz   

Size: 44” H x 9” W x 15” D - Width is 5” at rear of cabinet

Weight: 82 lbs. (100 lbs. in box)

Footers: Steel  Outriggers w/1.5” cone-shaped spikes, fully adjustable for Rake Angle

Connections: HQ Rhodium-plated five way binding posts, single pair

Woofers: 2- 175mm anodized aluminum coned woofers.  Double-stacked magnets provide fast transient response and great dynamics.  Faraday ring-type motor/voice coil, cooled with aluminum phase plugs and vented motors for low distortion

Midrange: 165mm Kevlar coned high performance midrange unit with Faraday ring motor/voice coil, phase plug provides linear response and low distortion. Top-class design & sound.

Midrange Loading: Tapered transmission line for low coloration and high dynamic range

Treble Unit: Dual Ring Radiator, rubberized fabric diaphragms, long throw suspension for low distortion and high dynamic range, Ferro-Fluid magnetic oil in gap for cooling at high volume levels, and large chamber for absorption of rear wave.

Voicing Information: The E-3MkII can be seen to be an extremely accurate monitor-type of system, but was carefully voiced to sound like a musical instrument rather than a “sterile” facsimile.  The bass range is extremely potent, yet so quick as to not overload your listening room.  The depth, image focus and dimensionality are top-class.

Warranty: Five-Year when purchased through an authorized dealer