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                             The Döhmann Helix 1 by Audio Union



The Döhmann Helix 1 Turntable delivers unparalleled analog playback performance due to its

unique Micro Signal Architecture© (MSA) engineering that sets new noise reduction

and micro--signal preservation benchmarks.

MSA is a cohesive approach to design that uses the most advanced techniques available to remove

 physical and mechanical vibration and electrical noise.

This approach to signal preservation is the brainchild of Mark Döhmann,  the designer and engineer

behind the now Legendary Continuum Caliburn Turntable who has

conquered the seemingly insurmountable obstacles frustrating turntable designers since

the 1950’s.

Mark is respected among his peers for original thinking and an understanding of a

turntable’s architecture and which elements influence psychoacoustics (how our brains

perceive music and sounds).

By joining forces with a team of talented scientists, engineers and designers, Mark has

addressed ceach aspect of noise and vibration suppression utilizing the latest in

visualization tehniques, engineering concepts and patented technologies.

One of the gifts of this Audio Union collaboration are the economies of scale which allow it  to Manufacture the Helix 1 ,which completely eclipses the $ 120,000.00  Continuum Caliburn, for only $ 40,000.00. Twice the performance at 1/3 price equals an audio bargain in my book.

The result is a turntable which operates so quietly that it allows the arm and cartridge to reveal details The and levels of transparency that were unobtainable until the Dohman Helix 1 was introduced As Mark recently stated

"A lot of the engineering in the Helix 1 is hidden under the skin in the chassis. 

Like a Strad or Guaneri which outperforms all other stringed instruments, the Helix 1 sounds better  than Turntables selling for $ 100,000.00 and up and as with Luthiers  around the world who scratch their heads in awe of these  instruments ,Competing turntable makers are still trying to decode where the magic is. Have a look at the links to YouTube videos off our website that show Chladni plates in operation. This will give you a picture of what our chassis engineering does to create quiet nodes for arm, bearing and motor. 6




Helix 1 rewards the listener with the closest facsimile to master tape yet realized. How

do we know this?

Audio Union engineering facilities and listening rooms use several studio reference level and

highly modified master tape systems to compare the Helix 1 along with a range of other

well--known turntables.

The specifications of the Helix 1 demand the ultimate in noise suppression and isolation

systems to allow the turntable and pickup arms to deliver the micro--signals buried in

the vinyl grooves on well authored LP’s.

Every aspect of the turntable design requires the preservation of the micro signals found

in the groove of the LP to be retrieved with as little modification and distortion as

physically and electronically possible.

Döhmann Helix 1 by Audio Union table incorporates several engineering advances to

deliver the lowest resonance profile for any pickup arm and LP combination.

Features include:
§- MSA -- Micro Signal Architecture©
§- NSM -- Negative Stiffness Mechanism Vibration Isolation
§- 0.5 Hz (Fz) Vertical
§- 1.5 Hz (Fz) Horizontal
§- MCT -- Mechanical Crossover Technology
§- TMP -- Tri--Modal Platter system
§- EDR -- Edge Damping Ring
§- TDS -- Tone arm Damping System
§- RTS -- Resonance Tuned Suspension
§- DLC -- Diamond Like Coating Amorphous Material Bearing Friction Modifier
§- HTAD -- High Torque Adjustable Drive
§- Speed Selections 33, 45 RPM (78 RPM by request)
§- Velocity Adjustment Lock – Speed is constantly calibrated over 130,000 times per
second to deliver precise 33.33 or 45.15 rpm (factory default).

You will have to judge for yourself, how close we have come to the gold standard.

Audio Union dealers and owners are convinced there is no peer in analog LP playback.

System Components


The Helix 1 system comprises a turntable with its internal suspension system using a

unique Negative Stiffness Mechanism (NSM) isolation technology and integrated motor

using twin belt drive for speed accuracy.


All controls for normal 33 or 45 operation are located on the turntable top panel.


Control Box

A separate “control box” motion control servo drive is located in separate 3RU standard

rack size housing which can be placed conveniently nearby or out of sight.

The unit comes pre--calibrated to precise speed for 33 and 45 from factory. The drive

system monitors the speed constantly over 130,000 times per revolution to deliver direct

drive like accuracy without speed drift. Speed adjustment is accessed via simple USB

interface on the Control box and can be done remotely or onsite using a simple GUI

connected to the USB direct or via secure Wifi.

Version shown here is anodized silver/black halftone edition. Unit is available in all

black and all silver anodized configurations.


The Helix 1 turntable is capable of mounting two pickup arms simultaneously and is

fully integrated with an internal motor which drives the platter via dual belts.

The turntable comes with separate power supply and servo control box which is

connected by two custom cables to the turntable chassis.

The turntable is designed to be mounted on a wide variety of surfaces as it has an

intrinsic suspension system fully integrated with the chassis.

The specification includes the ability for the turntable to work in older style buildings

and domestic locations where wooden floors and building movement create instability

and issues such as feedback and footfall interference. The Helix 1 is isolated from these


Dimensions and Weight

Helix 1 -- Table -- Width 600mm (24”) x Depth 480mm (19”) x Height 250mm (10”)

Helix 1 – Control Box – Width 483mm (19”) x Depth 480mm (19”) x Height 133mm (5”).

Combined shipping weight is 80Kg (shipped in 2 custom fabricated boxes).

Recommended installation requires a surface capable of supporting up to 80Kg (160

pounds) and a 620mm (25”) wide x 500mm (20”) deep surface for the isolation platform

to be able to move freely.
Power: 110--120 VAC, 50/60Hz 2 amps or 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 1 amp
Factory set speed selection by push button for 33 1/3 or 45 rpm

The Helix 1 allows 33, 45 and if required 78RPM and a wide variety of engineering

adjustments to create “audio bliss” that is very user friendly and easy to operate.

Multiple arms up to 12 inch are accommodated with ease of operation and setup

assured. Removable arm boards allow simple interchange and calibration.


Frank Schröder  CB Tonearm

Frank is one of the most respected analog designers of his generation and one of the

industry’s true gentlemen. His immense knowledge of audio history of the audio art

provides insight into the genesis of ideas and who they should be rightly attributed to.

He has designed several impressive analog systems in his own right and his tonearms

are among the most sought after in the market. He holds patents for his technologies

and is a regular visitor to Audio Union’s main European manufacturing hub.


 Especially desigened for  the Helix 1 , The Schroeder CB tonearm is generating industry discussions as being one of the finest tracking

arms ever made. The bearing system offers lower friction numbers lower than even the

venerated Technics EPA--100. Sonically, the CB it is a musical masterpiece..