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The name Ansuz comes from Norse mythology. Ansuz is a rune of the gods and represents communication, creativity, controlled and divine power. Spiritually, it is the rune of prophecy and revelation. It also encompasses the ideas of wisdom, knowledge, reason, and there is of instruction and good advice. It might also refer to a test, examination, or perhaps an interview. Ansuz rune reversed also may portend a surprise, trick or subterfuge.

Ansuz Acoustics presents the first of a series of exciting high-end accessory products for HIFI equipment. We focus on the details of what we do, the products must not only be aesthetic, beautifully designed and present themselves well. Power, quality and yield are the primary when we test and develop the accessories that will make your HIFI experience extraordinary and special.





Ansuz cables would be totally non inductive with a free floating stream of power or signals to your HIFI units. Also it would be with zero capacitance, giving you full effect no matter what.

The Ansuz Cable-series succeed in creating a significant reduction of inductive interference and taking capacitance to a minimum, pushing the allround performance of our cables closer to perfect.

Well it’s not a perfect world, but when it comes to HIFI cables they are  working on it!



Ansuz Mainz - Powercables for high-end sound equipment (4 quality levels)

Ansuz Speakz - Speakercables for high-end loudspeakers (4 quality levels) 

Ansuz Signalz - Interconnects for high-end sound equipment (4 quality levels)



  THE NEW ANSUZ MAINZ 8 POWER DISTRIBUTORS By using, a Mainz 8 in any system the enhancement of the performance will be eminent.You can see the Mainz 8 as the strong heart of a system. It will supply a steady flow of current to even the most demanding set-up. With its immense capacity of grounding through star grounding, it builds on the same principles as the Ansuz Mainz cables line, and deliver the best possible foundation for High End performance.
Inside the Ansuz Mainz 8 you find only passive components the leaves the dynamics totally uncompressed – contrasting active power conditioners. Instead, you will experience a pitch-black background to your soundstage; on witch, an impressing dynamic presentation is projected. The biggest contributor to this phenomenon is the build in Sparkz technology. There are two versions of the Ansuz Mainz 8 available. The A level and the D level versions both features the same mechanical and electrical design. Where the A level versions uses a single board design with six Sparkz built-on, the D level version is fitted with a double board design with no less than six Sparkz and twelve SparkzTC. To avoid any form of hysteresis, the Ansuz Mainz 8 are built on a steel chassis with a non-resonance MDF casing. A design that also make the power distributor appear more furniture-like, so we feel sure that will place your Ansuz Mainz 8 on a good rack shelf – just as is it intended to.



The more powerful equipment, the harder mechanical parts in a HIFI unit work, and mechanical motion will always result in noise and vibration. With a new and innovative construction principle ensures DARKZ Decouplers to lead noise and vibration effectively away from the speakers and other HIFI devices - the effect of DARKZ can be both heard and felt. DARKZ Decouplers comes in 3 different versions, Aluminium, Ceramics and diamond - each with strong individual qualities.









  • Star grounding
  • High gage grounding
  • Horizontal mounted connections
  • Darkz connections for mechanical grounding
  • Separate ground connection on the side for parallel coupling between more Ansuz Mainz 8’s
  • Non Hysteresis design (no aluminum)
  • 6 Sparkz (Mainz A) / 6 Sparkz + 12 SparkzTC (Mainz 8 D)
  • Optional wall bracket (summer 2014)




HIFI enthusiasts know the term, "Black is the foundation ..." - which conserns creating the right environment for the best HIFI sound experience. SPARKZ Sound Enhancer are based on a simple technology, but will contribute with something quite special to your HIFI environment.

The Sparkz Sound Enhanzer is something of a mystery, because of it's impressing effect on  HIFI sound environment. And then again, it is not so mysterious because the construction is designed to take advantage of an well known and proven sound phenomenon - the scalar field.In modern times we work with the concept of sound waves, waves moving up and down in a steep or flat Sine Curve - all HIFI systems emit sound in this way. The scalar effect however is an old and low-tech way of dispatching sound lines in longitudinal direction across Sine Waves.