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 There are very few products about which one can truthfully Say "This is the best".Well read my lips: The Audiodesk Systeme is the best Record Cleaning machine made .Period.

Completely automatic in operation The ADSG delivers a cleaned  record which sounds clearer more detailed and eminently quieter.

Having compared a record before cleaning it on a VPI HW-17 machine to itself after the cleanse I heard very little difference.But,Listening to the same VPI Cleaned record after cleaning it with The ADSG was an entirely different experience. The Post ADSG cleanse delivered a disc that was infinitely clearer and  quieter with apparent  micro details which were simply not audible before the record went through the ADSG Wash.It is no wonder that the Absolute Sound gave it its 2014" Golden Ear Award stating:

The Audio Desk Systeme record-cleaning machine, which hails from Germany, is a revelation. It is revelatory not just for ease of use, but also for the multifarious improvements it renders to vinyl playback. This fully automatic ultrasonic cleaner, which employs a cavitation chamber in which LPs are bombarded with tiny air bubbles to loosen microscopic bits of dirt and grunge while being scrubbed by four rotary cleaning barrels, will leave just about any LP looking almost pristine. Both used and new vinyl benefit from being immersed in the Audio Desk. Bass lines become more audible, the noise floor appears to vanish, and even ticks and pops seem to be mostly effaced. It also seems to be extremely reliable. In short, it is a well-nigh indispensable accessory for any serious vinyl rig.

 Ditto Stereophile:

"This machine does more than clean records. Or rather, many of us haven't fully understood the effects of truly cleaning a record, which the Audio Desk does like no other record cleaner I've come across. It doesn't just remove the dust; it clears out gunk from deep within the grooves—gunk we may not have known existed—so that the stylus can track the groove with greater accuracy and less strain.

Consider the Audio Desk not an accessory but a component...If your stereo system cost tens of thousands of dollars and you play a lot of vinyl, you need to check this thing out."
—Fred Kaplan, Stereophile vol. 36 No. 9, September 2013