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I used to admire the patience of my friends who owned linear tracking air bearing tonearm/turntables.When they worked they were absolutely beguiling ,what with zero tracking error and virtually frictionless bearings , producing a natural incredibly focused  musical portrait. That is if you could ignore the rumble of the air pump.As often as not the air bearings would malfunction in someway .They were extremely delicate to operate ,very tricky to setup and adjust and really expensive so  I stayed away. That is until now.Finally, BERGMAN  has created a truly user friendly,,reliable and reasonably priced  air bearing linear tracking tonearm /turntable system: The Magne  

The platter - centred by a spindel - floats on an air film. Magne turntable and tonearm is extremely simple to adjust and operate. The airsupply is equiped with condence- and dustfilters, and reservoirs to obtain dry, clean and smooth airflow. Further more the air supply is so noiseless, that it can be placed in the listening room.


The name Magne

Magne means “strength”. In Nordic mythology Magne is the super baby, son of Thor, the God of Thunder, and when he is three days old he is so strong that he can lift a dead giant away from his father, who is pinned underneath. Magne is one of the few gods, who survive Ragnerok, the nordic armageddon, and rebuilds the new world.


 The strength of the Magne is in its incredibly  pure dynamic and focused presentation.. The music is just there  as if it comes out of thin air without regard to the presence of the speakers. As between it and The marvelous AMG Viella 12  one is left with two wonderful choices. That is why we have both set up to listen to . So you can select between two amazing contenders.