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ypsilon electronics

Ypsilon Electronics was formed in 1995. Founded by two sound engineers with a vast experience in the field of live music reproduction.

It was not only  their experience with live music and live concerts that provided them with the necessary conditions to gain knowledge,

it was also their technical background in electronics engineering, that contributed in formatting the concept of how a high end audio device should perform as well as how reliable it should be.

It was  their love and dedication to natural live music that drove them to transform  a passion into technology. A technology that combines both traditional and modern ground breaking designs and techniques.

 Ypsilon Electronics strives to reproduce music in such a way that one can not tell the difference from true live music.

 The result:  The creation of unique products that communicate to the listener the true meaning of music…EMOTION!

And comunicate they do I have never heard a system more right in every way than the Ypsilon COMPONENTS!

In the VPS-100 PHONO STAGE Ypsilon has created what is universally considered to be the finest phono stage in the world. As Michael Fremer noted:

" Andy, the Ypsilon is the best phono stage I have ever heard" by telephone

July 25,2014

in print:

"The Ypsilon produced an absolutely intoxicating blend of stupefyingly extended high frequencies, resolution, clarity, and transient precision, along with tight, deep, nimble, nonmechancial bass, and an ideally rich-ie, not too rich-midrange with just the right amounts of body and harmonic structure".


"I heard the high-frequency clarity, air, and extension of the best solid-state phono preamps, as well as the harmonic expression and musical flow of the best tube phono preamps, with none of the negatives of either".   -   Michael Fremer ,
Stereophile Class A+ Component:   Aug. 2009

Stereophile Product Of The Year:  "Editors Choice"  Dec. 2009


" I haven't got over the Ypsilon and I don't expect to for some time. If ever".   -   Michael Fremer

Unique in every way possible from an engineering point of view , The VPS-100 has 29 db of gain and relies on one of two external Ypsilon  hand wound step up transformers to raise the gain of yor MC cartridge to its proper level.An approach favored by Audionote,Zanden,Convergent Audio Technology,Kondo and Shindo,The Ypsilon MC10 / MC16 / MC20 and MC10-L / MC16-L / MC20-L simply do it better :not a little better, more like AN ORDER OF MAGNITUDE BETTER!




Most manufacturers develop a circuit for their power amplifier and then use the design for their preamplifier. The job of a power amplifier is to amplify the signal and drive the loudspeakers. That of a line preamplifier is to draw together the various source components; to attenuate the signal in order to achieve "volume control"; to have low enough output impedance in order to drive the cables; and finally, to provide gain if it is required. It performs totally different duties to those of a power amplifier and needs to be designed in a totally different manner.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the most critical part of a preamplifier is the active circuit design. Ypsilon, however, believe that the means of signal attenuation (the volume control) is the most critical to the overall sound of a preamplifier. Most designers use resistor attenuators for volume control. Ypsilon themselves have used resistor attenuators with high quality resistors (Vishay, Holco, tantalum types etc.) in the past, but that was before they developed a very special transformer as the means of attenuation. It was immediately apparent just how grainy and discontinuous resistors sound, even the best of them. The short explanation of this observation is that the series resistor transforms the constant voltage into current and the parallel resistor the constant current into voltage. The materials used in resistors are far from ideal as conductors... they sound much worse than pure copper or silver... and they do a lot of harm to the signal.
In a transformer, however, the magnetic circuit can be ultra linear when the very best core materials are used. The sound of such materials is much more musical and detailed compared with the best resistors. So Ypsilon produced, in-house, a special transformer attenuator with 31 taps.




AELIUS Push-Pull hybrid monoblock power amplifier is the latest addition to the electronics line of YPSILON ELECTRONICS.

A monoblock configuration and hybrid design using a valve in the input stage with valve rectification and a mosfet output stage producing 220 wpc in 8 Ohm, 380 wpc in 4 Ohm and 500 wpc in 2 ohm, with 60 wpc in pure class A.

This new addition is a revolutionary product combining the Single Ended sonic purity and the Push Pull power, capable of driving any loudspeaker design.

With a balanced/unbalanced switch and a ground lift switch easily accessible on the rear panel, this amplifier can be implemented into any system set up no matter of the speaker impedance or cable length.

Sound purity, endless power, outstanding design, unmatched build quality. This is AELIUS power amplifier.








The active gain stage is a no – feedback s.e. triode, transformer coupled. The power supply uses valve rectification and choke regulation. Wiring is made with custom made pure silver wire. The transformer attenuator is placed after the valve stage, preserving the purity and micro details of the signal.
The maximum attenuation is 52db and maximum gain is 12db. Output impedance is 150 Ω max. PST is the pinnacle in preamplification. It is a must have component for building a “no holds” system.

"The Ypsilon PST100 MKII is the Best Preamp I have ever heard, Also the Best Component I have ever heard"   ... Michael Fremer, Stereophile July 2011









In some ways the most exciting product that Ypsilon has yet produced ,

The   PHAETON integrated amp posseses most  of  the sonic qualities that a PST 100II and a pair of Aelius do at at 40% of their price in a package slightly smaller than the PST 100II alone.No, it does not have all the sweep and utter transparency which characterizes the Aelius/ PST-100II combo but it comes remarkably close at a price which most died in the wool audiophiles would consider extremely reasonable.

Phaethon integrated amplifier is a unique product in many aspects. It uses many of the technical solutions developed in our Aelius monoblock amplifier and PST100mk2 preamplifier in a compact and elegant design.

Phaethon is a hybrid line level amplifier utilizing only three active gain stages two of them with low noise valves operating in single-ended class A fashion, for the input and driver stage. It uses a transformer attenuator build in-house, embedded in the preamplifier section in a novel post attenuation technique.

The tube driver stage is coupled to the output stage with a wide bandwidth inter-stage transformer that provides perfect phase splitting for the output stage.

The output stage combined by same polarity semiconductors for both phases in a “balanced single-ended architecture” offers the flavor of pure single-ended designs with the power of push-pull designs.

There are separate power supplies for the tube and output stage utilizing five power supply inductors for low noise filtering.

All these were designed in to one to operate in unison offering unmatched sound quality, making the platform of the integrated amplifier, a clear advantage.