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 The new AMG Giro turntable features the AMG 9W2 9” tonearm and brings AMG’s sonic and visual excellence to a new, more affordable price point. The belt-driven platter is a combination of synthetic and aluminum materials and uses the decoupled spindle design of the highly-acclaimed AMG Viella turntable. Similarly, the platter bearing is a scaled version of the Viella platter bearing. The Giro’s “double circle” plinth is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and features both 33 and 45 RPM via electronic control

The new Giro turntable brings AMG’s sonic and visual excellence to a larger audience. Conceived by AMG founder Werner Roeschlau, the Giro is brilliantly realized by managing director Julian Lorenzi. Sharing the key design elements of the highly regarded AMG Viella turntable/12J2 tonearm “V12”, the Giro uses the newer 9W2 9” tonearm. As with the V12, the “G9” is entirely manufactured in AMG’s Bavarian factory.

The Giro from Analog Manufaktur Germany is an elegant high performance turntable providing exceptional music reproduction and value for vinyl enthusiasts.


The AMG Teatro moving-coil phono cartridge represents the cumulative work of the AMG design team and an international group of manufacturers. The Teatro’s special 2-piece titanium body provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio and is dimensioned to minimize resonance and reflected energy. Its internal construction is radiused and includes a fixture for rigid mounting of the MC generator. The generator is an extremely efficient electro-mechanical design, using separate coils for each channel for superior channel separation. The coils are wound with Ohno cast (OCC) mono-crystal high-purity oxygen-free copper wire. Neodymium magnets are combined with a special soft magnetic alloy yoke consisting of cobalt and iron to produce an output of .4mV at 5cm/sec. Coil impedance is 12Ω allowing the use of many  phono stages and step-up devices. A solid boron cantilever with a diameter of .26mm is fit with a line contact stylus (40 x 7µm) and the dynamic compliance is 18 x 10-6 cm/dyne for enhanced tracking. The Tiodize Type III titanium body is tapped for 2.5mm mounting screws and the output pins are also PC-OCC
(Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Casting).



If you had told me a couple of years ago that I was going to hear a $ 16,000.00 turntable/tonearm combination that would best my Brinkmann Balance set up which comes in at over $ 38,000.00 I would have kindly suggested that you see a good therapist.

and  yet , amazingly that is what the AMG Viella 12 did and does by a huge margin!

Comparing it to turntables costing 3 times as much Jonathin Valin stated:

"From the bass right through the ceiling, this record player/cartridge is capable of extraordinary low-level resolution, natural timbre, lightning transients, and (as noted) the kind of 3-D imaging that makes instrument and voices—wherever they are located on the stage—“pop” into lifelike presence, replete with the realism-enhancing performance-and-engineering details that tell you, for example, exactly how a singer in shepherding his (or her) breath, what parts of his chest, throat, mouth, and nose he is using to invest the words of a lyric with expressive color and narrative power, and where he is standing vis-à-vis the microphones and other singers/instruments on stage as he performs... The V12 has the kind of grainless transparency that allows you not just to see into but to almost see through the images of instruments and vocalists—to the back of the stage and the other instruments and vocalists behind and around them. There is no opacity—no transparency-obscuring color cast or scrim- like texture—blocking your view of the music-makers.. the Analog Manufaktur Germany Viella 12 is a relative rarity—a truly first-rate (and truly original) audio component that, while by no means cheap, is still within the financial reach of folks who aren’t made out of money. The V12 may not give you everything that a Walker, Da Vinci, or Acoustic Signature gives you, but what it does supply on select recordings—the extended sense that you are in the actual presence of real performers in a real space—is more than enough to justify its price and this rave."

The Absolute Sound ,Oct 24th, 2012

Having received That magazine's 2014 Editors Choice award

The AMG V12 was also  rated "one of the 35 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio" -Absolute Sound 2014 High End Audio Buyer's Guide, and  has received equally glowing reports from ,Tone Magazine and Stereophile. The  Critic's choice in High End Turntables!

 For those of you interested in how they do it consider this:AMG has for  over a decade been manufacturing most if not all of the critical parts of many of High End's most well respected Turntables in its bespoke multi-story Bavarian factory located north of Munich .Experts in precision engineering and for many years a real audiophiles AMG applied  their expertise in manufacturing other peoples turntables to developing The Viella 12.

By eliminating an unneccessary  middle man ,AMG has been able to create a turntable which competes with other much pricier units because it can apply the same care in manufacturing and use the same quality parts as  they do!