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Norma is based in Cremona, a place where music has always played an important role. Cremona is the home of Monteverdi, Ponchielli, Stradivari, Amati and many other artists. For more than 20 years Norma has been involved in the study and implementation of sophisticated audio amplifiers. Technical skill and musical sensitivity must be merged together, in the same way in which the best musical instruments are made. In Norma we are convinced that the influence of audio electronics on the outcome of audio reproduction is much greater than commonly assumed. Listening to a NORMA product can express this concept, better than words, closer than ever to live listening. The sound of Norma products is unique, represents a synthesis of parameters which often conflict with each other. Dynamics, speed, and absolute transparency are combined with extraordinary musicality and a total lack of listening fatigue. The conflicts between solid state and valves are finally overcome, leaving space only for pure listening pleasure.


Lavishly praised by reviewers and end users alike,the Norma Revo IPA-140 integrated amplifier represents a definitive choice for amplification. Its high power (140W/8Ohm) and the ability to drive the most demanding speakers, make it an extremely versatile amp. Versatility is enhanced by the ability to customize the input / output connections and to insert the Phono MM / MC board. The elegant and sophisticated style is perfectly in tune with its sound personality. Power, dynamics, speed and transparency are combined to create outstanding musicality and a total absence of listening fatigue. The inside workings show that the technical refinement follows the same philosophy. The Revo IPA-140 uses a proprietary circuitry, regulated high-speed power, low noise and is built with a careful selection of the best materials available.

Here's what Alan Sircom of HiFi+, issue thought of the 140:

“If you like what the Revo IPA-140 does and want more of the same, you’ll need to spend insurrection-funding doses of money to get there. If that summons up images of ‘punching above its weight’… then so be it.

This is an amplifier that I could see people using with loudspeakers costing £20k (US $32,000) or more without it showing itself up.”

“The optional USB arrived mid-way through the listening session, and it’s a corker too. It is an ideal match for the player, exceptionally clean, detailed and BS-free.”

“I’ll end where I began. Norma deserves to be better known. There are no bargains in audio, but this is an amplifier that can go up against amps costing £12,000-£16,000 (US $19,000 - US $26,000) despite costing the right side of £5,500 in its all-up top-spec guise.”








In the REVO SC-2 preamplifier, a pure and elegant style combines with the most refined technology. Completely remote-controllable in all its functions, the REVO SC-2 model uses the exclusive P.D.D.A. (Programmable Digital Analogue Attenuation) volume control. It a system that attenuates between 0.0 dB and -127.0 dB in steps of 0.5 dB, with a  typical precision of +/- 0.01 dB.

Plus, the input selection uses high-quality relays, no integrated circuit is used on the signal path. The whole conception of the REVO SC-2 is tended to combine a modern operative functionality with the severity for audio signal typical of a devise which is really High-End. Its plasma display with adjustable lightness intensity is always clearly visible from a distance, and thanks to the microprocessor management and a dedicated software, the REVO SC-2 combines simplicity and comfort with extraordinary versatility, completeness and functions customization. The SC-2 preamplifier can be mounted with a Phono stage, and also updated to the Multichannel mode. Finally, it can work both in Active and Passive mode.

The possibility of adding the DAC-1 option to the REVO SC-2 makes it an even more universal and interesting device.
It is not just the addition of a digital input, but a proper complete DAC section with 5 digital inputs, which technological refinement places it at the top of world production levels. It is indeed a very similar solution to the one mounted on REVO DAC-1 and DS-1, and on the brand new HS-DA1, from which differs only in the practical implementation, while functionality and performance are the same.