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The Bricasti Design


The BRICASTI Design M1 DAC is made by the folks who manufacture what is universally recognized to be  the worlds best professional digital reverb unit: the acclaimed Bricasti M7

That would mean nothing at all were it not for the fact that Brian Zolner, the engineer who conceived and created both the M7 and M1, is a dyed in the wool audiophile with a great set of ears who decided one day to apply his cochlea and  all the digital engineering knowledge gleaned from designing the M7 siting  at his fingertips towards making the best D/A Converter in the world .That was a number of years ago and based on my listening he has certainly realized a playback device with  such remarkable transparency,detail and harmonic purity that I can safely say I have not heard better at 3-4 times its   modest price of under $9000.00. And I chose that multiple because The most costly dac I compared it to sported a retail price of about $30,000 !

But don't take my word for it! just consider what John marks and John Atkinson, both gurus extraordinare, had to say about the M1:

John Marks:
"Fast, detailed, effortlessly powerful, musically revealing.

Fatigue-free listening,”...the M1

offered “The best digital playback I have heard."- (

and John Atkinson comparing the Weiss Dac 202 and the DCS debussi to The Bricasti m1:


"The main area of difference among these three processors was their imaging. The dCS correctly limns the outlines of acoustic objects within the soundstage,

whereas the Bricasti did a better job of presentingthose outlines. The Weiss balances both aspects of imaging, but at the expense of a too-smooth sound. ..The Bricasti M1 i.., offers sound quality that, on balance, I preferred to the other two processors" Stereophile ,February 2012                                             




stereophile review

The M1 digital to analog converter is a dual mono design; there are two completely isolated channels, each with its own dedicated linear power supply, D/A converter, DDS clocking, and analog circuitry. This design insures that analog cross talk is virtually non existent, that the necessary power requirements for each channel are well met and isolated from each other and the digital processing is isolated, having its own power supply. With our twin DAC design, the dynamic range for each channel is optimized by using the stereo ADI 1955 D/A converter in a mono configuration. The M1 also includes Bricasti's own proprietary filter technolgy, further opening new territory with what is achievable in a modern D/A refference.


Product Highlights

  • Features the latest generation asynchronous USB interface.
  • Dedicated dual mono design.
  • Highly acclaimed, proprietary filter technology.
  • Extremely low jitter @ 6 picoseconds.
  • Supports sample rates of up to 192khz and 24 bits.
  • Minimum and linear phase filters.

M1 Remote Control Option

m1 remote

The new M1 Remote Control offers an upgrade to any existing M1 providing remote access to all settings and full parametric control of the M1