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Music Vault

The Music Vault Diamond is the first Music server I have heard where cds stored on it actually sound as good or better than the original when played through a comparable dac ; Hi res files will simply make you want to cry. (It is one of the few servers that can actually play back hi res music at its native sample rate into your high-end DAC.) ;has almost limitless flexibility;and is so easy to use that the most technically challenged will find it a joy. Of course,If you have about $2500.00 to spend on parts and about 30 hours of some really saavy tech time you might be able to put togeather a music server which sounds as good as the Music Vault diamond which sells for $4800.00. You would also have to put in a couple of hundred hours of research and trial and error time, Like Neal Van Berg did to come up with just the right combination of components and programs to make a Music server- if you are lucky- that sounds as good . Or, You can just buy a Music Vault Diamond and get a turn key component which enables you to store/playback music in flaac files up to ridiculously high resoulution and is a snap to use Just plug it in and start burning,downloading or streaming-(wired and wirelessly,playing music from usb drives,etc., etc.then connect it to your DAC and hear Musical Enchantment! The Music Vault Diamond will store all your digital music and then play it back bit perfect.

The Music Vault Diamond includes a Professional AES/EBU Digital Output

The Diamond can be configured to have a separate Right and Left AES/EBU digital output and 2 stereo

AES/EBU Digital Outputs. With 4 Gig of on-board RAM, 2 Tera-byte of storage and 2 Tera-byte of auto back-up, 60 gB SSD.,

this is the best sounding Digital Server regardless of price!

The Diamond comes with a BluRay drive and HDMI output.

Remote Control is available via iPad, laptop computer, or any networked computer.

The Diamond will play back any music format including Apple Lossless, FLAC and WAVE using Media Monkey, or jRiver.