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Musical Fidelity Back Up

Musical Fidelity



Languishing in relative torpor for a while, Musical Fidelity has come back with a vengeance introducing 4 lines of electronics with amazing performance on an absolute scale and simply impossible to best at their price. In this respect they remind us of Simaudio. Which one of these company’s components you will want for your system is dependant on just that: Your system, especially the speakers.In this case hearing is believing!
The AMS 35i is a 35wpc pure Class A dual mono integrated amp with balanced inputs. The AMS35i exists for music. Although it has excellent technical performance we would like to talk about its sound quality as that, in the final analysis, is all that really matters.  The AMS35i has an almost hypnotic and involving sound quality. When you listen to it you do just exactly that; listen to it. Somehow the usual hi-fi criteria (what’s the bass like, what’s the imaging like, is it grainy, is it harsh, is it dynamic... you know) just don’t occur to you.


The AMS 35P is a power amplifier version of the AMS35i with all of its seductive properties.

While the AMS 35 i/P will power most speakers exquisitely, the AMS 50 seems to have no limititations of any kind.

The AMS50 is state-of-the-art pure Class A dual mono power amp. It has a unique double fully complimentary balanced bridge circuit. This unique circuit configuration gives extraordinary technical and sonic performance. Wide band distortion is typically below 0.005%. Frequency response is ruler flat. Load driving ability and stability margins are outstanding.

Sonically the AMS50 has a sweet, clear, tactile sound which takes you ever closer to the heart of the music. More than that it seems to have the dynamics and force usually associated with a high powered amplifier. When the AMS50 is paired with a Primo preamplifier, the sonic results are jaw-dropping.




The new M6i integrated amp is designed to give great sonic and technical performance. Its design and build quality are excellent. Internally the M6i is actually a separate preamp with two monobloc power amps.

The M6i has one huge mains transformer which gives entirely separate outputs for left and right power amps and preamps. Even though the M6i is a one box solution it’s actually a set of discreet monobloc power amps with a separate preamp in one sleek package.

Due to its excellent practical linearity, low distortion and excellent load driving ability the M6i can be paired with any loudspeaker. It’s extremely quiet so high sensitivity loudspeakers are fine but at the same time it’s very powerful so lower sensitivity speakers present no problem.

The M6i’s sound is calm and unruffled. Huge dynamics are delivered with ease. Quiet passages are sweet and warm. The overall picture the M6i delivers is natural and uncoloured. The build quality is excellent. The front panel is beautifully finished. The knobs and buttons are machined from solid aluminium, the badge is from medical grade stainless steel. The heatsinks are fine line finished custom made extrusions. For most people for most of the time the M6i is the perfect companion for music.


The M6 CD/DAC is the latest evolution of Musical Fidelity’s high performance digital range. It has a very high quality 24-bit 192K true upsampling DAC which has outstanding linearity, ultra low noise, very low distortion and ruler flat frequency response. The M6CD/DAC is a very high quality DAC as well as being a CD player.

Once you have created a very high performance DAC for a CD player it is relatively low cost to add 3 extra digital inputs so it can be used as a very high quality DAC as well. That’s what we’ve done with the M6CD. It has inputs for USB, coax and optical. Given a reasonable quality digital stream, the M6’s DAC will make a huge measurable improvement to performance on any source. The M6’s sonic quality is smooth and sweet. There is no harshness and excellent imaging. Great spatial recovery. Huge dynamic range. It’s just so natural. Pairing the M6i and M6CD/DAC gives a really high quality basis for your music system

The M6 PRX dual mono power amp is a tour de force. Behind its classically simple, elegant design lurks a real hi-fi “big beast”.
The M6PRX uses Musical Fidelity’s exclusive dual mono, fully complementary, bifilar choke regulation system. Choke regulation is a concept from tube amplifier days which, with the exception of Musical Fidelity, has never been used with transistor amplifiers. Choke regulation offers huge power supply benefits; dramatic reduction in “saw tooth” power supply noise and an effective mains noise filtration system.  The dual mono, bifilar choke regulation system is unique to Musical Fidelity. They have been using this technology since 1987.
The M6’s circuitry is based on MF’s Titan monster amp. It has 8 output transistors per channel. Its technical performance is beyond most other power amps available, regardless of price. Extremely low wide band distortion, low output impedance, outstanding load driving characteristics, enormous stability margins and very high peak current delivery mark the M6PRX dual mono power amp as something really special.





The sound is effortless, detailed and fast. Yet there is no grain or harshness. Transients are delivered with their full force but, perhaps more importantly, the recovery is virtually instantaneous.The M6 PRX dual mono power amp may be relatively modestly priced and in a modest looking package, but it has the heart of a lion. It is the ultimate expression of our art.

The M6 PRE fully balanced preamp is genuinely fully balanced from beginning to end. Many preamps claim to be balanced but in fact are single ended preamps with balanced inputs and outputs. Unlike them, the M6 PRE is the real deal. Its pure Class A circuitry produces very low distortion, minimal phase shift, low noise and excellent linearity. The low impedance output stages (both single ended and full balanced) will drive any power amp through any conceivable length of cable.


The M6 PRE has a wide range of inputs; two balanced inputs, phono MM/MC, four line inputs (one with HT bypass) and digital USB 2. The M6 PRE is the epitome of Musical Fidelity design; superlative technical performance, great flexibility, excellent build quality, beautiful visuals and excellent value for money.

The X Series and V Series from Musical Fidelity afford the music enthusiast superb value for the dollar on phono stages,DACs, and headphone amplifiers. You can learn more about these products and all the superb audio/video components we carry by calling us at 212-924-8600, or emailing info [at]