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All Verity Audio loudspeakers share a common trait, which is exceptional “Synergy”. It means that the overall interaction and union of every component produces a combined effect superior than the sum of their separate effects. Using only the best quality components isn’t enough to achieve the level of refinement and performance you will get with a Verity Audio loudspeaker. We understand how important it is to perfectly integrate each element giving a wonderful synergy. Our secret resides in the way we thoroughly integrate all ingredients to form a perfect balance.


The Amadis($30,000)

The Amadis ($30,000.00) is a high-quality and high-performance loudspeaker that wholly embodies Verity's authentic values of quality, refinement and performance. It represents the quintessence of its predecessors based on advanced technologies. An astounding sound reproduction performance is achieved through its superior characteristics of efficiency, bandwidth, and dynamic range.

The Verity designers are always challenging themselves to exceed all expectations and to respect every last detail in the creation of what we believe to be a tour de force. The Amadis is a full bandwidth 3-way bass-reflex loudspeaker. Every driver was designed from scratch in a matter to reach elevated performance goals. Amongst all, the Amadis is equipped with a stunning new tweeter, the fruit of the best soft dome design expertise. Its resonance-free characteristic allows an uncontaminated summation of harmonics revealing the richness of even the most complex sound textures. The midrange and woofer drivers are of an exceptional quality and value. They use a special-geometry mineral-filled polypropylene cone optimized for maximum cone rigidity, low energy storage and smooth breakup. A generous ventilation system minimizes voice-coil dynamic compression and only the best quality materials are used for lifetime reliability and accuracy. The Amadis uses Verity's unique rear-oriented bass reflex tuning in order to produce an accurate and well-defined bass performance for all living environments. As with all Verity Audio loudspeakers, Amadis inherits the same anti-resonance cabinet construction accomplished through a dedicated array of inner-reinforcements and complex-angled panels. The inner energy is properly dissipated by balancing the acoustical and mechanical impedance of each panel. Each component is carefully selected to blend perfectly in a truly high-performance loudspeaker.

The beautiful and unique cabinetry is uniformly lacquered on all sides. There are no visible joints and it is finished with nothing less than the most exquisite Italian lacquer. It comes in two separate cabinets that are isolated through a thick and damped aluminum platform.

The Amadis loudspeaker will open up a world of sonic colors, a palette of nuances and details that will go far beyond your imagination. Your favorite music will no longer be about the songs anymore, but about the sound. All Verity Audio designs are crafted with a balance of science and art. It is only through this tradition that the spirit of knowledge and craftsmanship comes alive.Discover the Amadis and live a once in a life time experience…