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Convergent Audio Technology



WHAT BECOMES A CAT LEGEND MOST? Why, a pair of CAT (Convergent Audio Technology) JL3 Signature Mk 2 Pure Triode ($39,990) power amplifiers of course!


Continually improved and refined over 25 years, the CAT SL1 Legend($19,995) and The CAT SL1 Rennaissance ( $9,995)are the finest full function tube preamplifiers made. Period! By putting a low gain transformer in the phono stage and fanatically selecting the best parts available, Ken Stevens has made the current CAT preamps quieter and more dynamic than ever.
 As Robert Deutsch observed:
"If I had to use just three words to name the attributes that made the Renaissance (line section) special, they would be transparency, resolution, and dynamics. The difference with the Renaissance ( in comparison to the SL-1 Ultimate) was that the electronically generated noise of its phono stage was simply inaudible. With the input switch in the Phono position and the volume turned up to a normal level but with no record playing, I could flip the Mute switch on and off and was hard put to hear any difference in the amount of noise (very low in both cases).” STEREOPHILE November, 2009



The CONVERGENT SL1 Legend, which has the same circuit design as the SL1 Renaissance, is in Ken Stevens’ words (as quoted in Sound Stage, March 2009) a "cost-no-object implementation ... a whole bunch of little-betters put together.'"

"The Legend's 46-position shunt volume controls are more costly than those used for the standard SL1," and its "Black Gate graphite-particle caps ... cost ten to twenty times more and are no longer in production." Circuit boards are made of Teflon. "The Legend has the same tubes in its line and phono stages: a matched pair of 6922s, a single 6922, and a matched pair of 12AX7s. The Legend's optional phono stage uses a special low-gain step-up transformer in conjunction with an initial moving-magnet stage to deliver 58dB of gain."

Is it twice as good as the Rennaissance? My advice –Don’t listen to it unless you are willing to pay the price. It will ruin you for any other preamp!


 "The CAT SL1 Signature is the finest preamplifier available today. It offers a sensationally satisfying glimpse of the live musical event. In particular, its timbral realism, tonal neutrality, dynamic capability, low noise floor, and soundstaging splendor define the state of the art for modern tube designs … the Signature is as close to live music as I’ve heard. I’m in love. I wonder if I should send the roses to Mr Stevens, or put them on top of the CAT?” STEREOPHILE December, 1992.

Change "Signature" to "Legend" or "Renaissance" and these words are as true today as they were 18 years ago.

 The JL3 is CAT’s statement power amplifier, the culmination of sixteen years of amplifier research. Following their philosophy of design, the JL3 is not designed to sound like a tube amplifier or a solid state amplifier or any sort of cross between them. This amplifier has been designed to allow the sound of music to flow through, uncolored and unencumbered by the sound of any electronic technology.



With its massive 50 lb output transformer and pure Class A tube triode configuration, the JL3 drives any transducers with ease, out finessing the best SET amps on high efficiency loudspeakers and bringing a level of musicality and authority to Magico Model 5s and Q5s and other Super Speakers that is unsurpassed by any other amp!


A close second to the JL3, the JL2 stereo triode power amp ( $19,995) brings true superamp performance down to the affordable level. Using the same circuit design as the world famous JL1 monoblock superamp on a stereo platform yields a huge cost savings with minimal performance compromise.

The JL3 even uses the advanced transformer winding technology in the $50,000 “JL1 Limited Edition”, coupled with some added advances unique to itself – like Teflon circuit boards!


Compare the JL2 with exotic low powered single ended tube amps which cost up to 10 times the price. The JL2 has a MORE vibrant, direct and pure sound than even the best of them – and the JL2 extends this realism down to the deepest bass and up to the highest treble. Combine this with 100 Watts of “drive anything” triode power which out-muscles 300 Watt pentode push-pull amps and transparency that is truly state of the art, and YES – we are talking about a true superamp. One which you can afford!
Drive either amp with a CAT SL1 Legend or SL1 Renaissance preamp and the result is a sonic tableau of unprecedented accuracy and beauty – as close to live as we have ever heard!


Sound by Singer is ecstatic to once again be the exclusive representative for Convergent Audio Technology!