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SIM Audio (Moon)



For nearly 30 years, Simaudio Ltd has been in the business of designing and building high quality electronics for home entertainment use.The breadth and depth of their involvement is astounding. With 16 power amplifiers, 3 preamplifiers, 5 integrated amplifiers, 5 cd players, 2 phono stages , 1 USB DAC, and a state of the art surround sound preamp/HDMI video switcher separated into 3 lines: The MOON Series, The MOON EVOLUTION Series and the Home Theater Series, Simaudio addresses every audio/videophile’s needs!
 The focus of Simaudio is to provide ultimate enjoyment to the customer from the use of high-end home entertainment music and surround systems. To that end, Simaudio is committed to building the finest, best sounding, longest lasting and most aesthetically attractive equipment one can own for a given price.

To achieve this, Simaudio realizes that conventional wisdom with respect to engineering and general business practices are insufficient in today’s competitive marketplace.

Therefore, all products manufactured by Simaudio reflect a forward-thinking engineering process that is considered a generation ahead of the competition. Simaudio considers first-rate customer service as paramount "to enhance quality of life by offering the finest products and services, while respecting our environment."






Sim has achieved all this and more.

Consider some of the countless awards and glowing reviews they have received for their offerings:

January 2010, Integrated Amplifier of the Year (i3.3)

December 2009, Product of the Year (W-7M); Product of the Year: Runner Up (P-8 and i-1); Editor's Choice (P-8)

October/November 2009, Best Buy (CD.5); Amplifier of the Year under $3,000 (i-1); Recommended Components (W-7); Editor's Choice (LP5.3, i-7; P-8; W-8)

April 2009, Recommended Components (P-7; i-1)

January 2009, Integrated Amplifier of the Year (i-1); Best CD Player over $1,000 (DC 5.3 RS)


... and many more! Check out the complete list at Simaudio's web site.

With Simaudio these awards TRULY represent extraordinary achievement in audio reproduction, build quality, and reliability. That is why Simaudio can offer a TEN YEAR WARRANTY to the original purchaser  who acquired his component from an authorized Dealer.

AND! Simaudio has a trade in program that allows individuals to get full value on Simaudio components they have purchased towards higher end components.

Obviously, the extent of Simaudio gear is too great for us to go into it in depth on this site , so we will only highlight Their latest offerings . (You can go to for the complete story.) Whatever Simaudio components you buy you can be sure that they sound and function better than any competing products at nearly double their price!


The ultimate integrated amplifier is here! The MOON 700i is a fully balanced differential, dual-mono design conservatively rated at 175 watts/ch @ 8 ohms and 350 watts/ch. @ 4 ohms.

Very recently developed features include the M-eVOL2 volume control with 530 individual steps, proprietary MOON output transistors with unprecedented signal linearity and an input stage to further reduce noise and preserve image focus. With the MOON 700i There is a warmth and naturalness to the soundstage that must be heard to be believed!


The MOON 600i redefines the capabilities of an integrated amplifier. A fully balanced differential, dual-mono design, it produces the most potent 125 watts/ch. @ 8 ohms you will ever experience.

Like the 700i, it includes all the recently developed features like the M-eVOL2 volume control with 530 individual steps, proprietary MOON output transistors with unprecedented signal linearity and an input stage to further reduce noise and preserve image focus.


The MOON 300D Digital-to-Analog Converter features a USB input allowing for seamless integration with a computer, 1 optical TosLink input and a pair of S/PDIF (RCA) inputs. Sampling rates are 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 & 192kHz. Bit-depth range is from 16 through 24 bits with internal processing at 352.8kHz. This compact, ultra-flexible and user-friendly component will allow you to get the very most out of all your digital sources.


The world's first true 32-bit digital source component has arrived!

The MOON 750D DAC/Transport features Sim’s new M-AJiC32 circuitry (an asynchronous jitter elimination system) built around the ES9018 ESS Sabre32 Reference Audio DAC.

The ESS Technology SABRE32 Reference DAC / Digital Filter (ES9018S) employs 8 DACs per channel and works in 32-bit to achieve unprecedented jitter immunity and low-level linearity via a patented Time Domain Jitter Eliminator.

Add to that a Digital Audio Signal Processing using the M-AJiC32 (MOON Asynchronous Jitter Control in 32-bit mode) and you get flawless, jitterless performance from all your digital sources through any of the 750D’s four (4) digital inputs (AES/EBU, S/PDIF, TosLink and USB). The final result is previously unattainable musical reproduction from digital media, be it a CD, computer, music server, etc.


The MOON CD.5 Disc Player and MOON i.5 Integrated Amplifier are Simaudio's latest entry-level products. They offer exceptional sonic performance and luxurious build quality that's unique to their respective price-points. Possessing all of the legendary hallmarks which MOON components are well known for, the CD.5 and i.5 (40 watts/ch @ 8 ohms, 80 watts/ch @ 4 ohms) represent a new benchmark in high-end audio.




The MOON CD3.3 Disc Player and MOON i3.3 Integrated Amplifier are all about flexibility and integration, taking you far beyond the realm of what these components typcially offer. The CD3.3 includes a S/PDIF digital input and 24-bit/1.411MHz internal processing, allowing you to take your digital music files from another device (PC, Music Server, etc.) and breathe new life into them. The 100 watt/channel i3.3 has an optional digital-to-analog converter, phono stage and fully balanced input, making it clearly the most versatile integrated amplifier ever.

The highly anticipated power supply upgrade for the MOON LP5.3 Phono Preamplifier is here. The MOON PSX5.3 brings this award winning phono stage to an even more extraordinary level of performance.



Finally ... home theater components worthy of the Evolution series!

The MOON HDS-8 HDMI Switcher, the MOON CP-8 Preamplifier/Processor and the MOON MC-8 Power Amplifier raise the bar as to what a home theater experience can be. Designed to get the very most out of the latest HD video and audio platforms, these uncompromising components are aimed at the discerning home-theater enthusiast who accepts nothing less than the very best.

The MOON HDS-8 provides 5 HDMI inputs. The MOON CP-8 is fully HDMI 1.3a compatible, offers 7.1 channel processing in fully balanced mode, includes a built-in AM/FM tuner and phono stage, and is XM Satellite ready. The MOON MC-8 can be configured for 2 to 7 channels and is capable of producing up to 1,000 watts RMS per channel.