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NuForce states their mission is "to maintain our position as a world class brand by delivering products that
  • Thrill the ear
  • Delight the eye
  • Please the pocket"
They have accomplished that goal and then some!


NuForce makes the most musical, compact, and powerful amplifiers on the market today at prices that cannot be believed.

They include:

1. The latest version of legendary Ref-9 mono power amplifier, the Ref-9 V3, which outputs 190 watts at 8 Ohms and 300 watts at 4 Ohms, at a cost of $3,600 per pair, and the amazing Ref-9 V3 SE at only $5,200 per pair. (Available in black or silver)

The Ref-9 V3 is the standard Reference Series mono amp. The Ref 9V3 SE utilizes an improved power capacitor board featuring NuForce's proprietary low-ESR capacitor matrix and high performance capacitors.

The NuForce Reference Series mono amplifiers are designed for both high performance stereo and home theater use. They can be used for bi-amping, tri-amping and home theater mix-and-matching with the MCH series of multi-channel amplifiers.

2. The Stereo 8.5 V3 (available in black or silver, $2,350), which outputs 160 watts at 8 Ohms and 200 watts at 4 Ohms, is the most powerful and compact stereo amplifier on the market, utilizing the same V3 circuit board as the mono amplifiers.

3. The Premium Reference 18 V3 Special Edition (available in black or silver) mono amplifiers will be available December 1, 2009 at $7,000 per pair. Available December 1 2009.


NuForce amplifiers have garnered so many awards and so much praise from the audiophile press and plain music loving consumers alike that it would impossible to mention them all.

They include :

  1. Power Amp of The Year 2005 for Reference 9 - The Absolute Sound, USA
  2. Grand Prix 2007 (equivalent to Power Amp of The Year) for Reference 9 V2- HiVi, Japan
  3. Blue Moon Award -
  4. Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award for 2006, 2007 and 2008!

For the Ref-9, Chris Martens of The Absolue Sound captured the essence of the NuForce amps when he said, "Because NuForce's Reference 9 monoblocks are eminently affordable, you might think they won this award on the basis of value, but that's not the half of it. These little Class D gems are sonic shockers in ways normally associated with amps that cost a fortune.

Their defining characteristics are terrific transparency, incisive dynamics, deeply extended bass that offers excellent pitch definition and "traction," and superb three-dimensionality. Though accurate almost to a fault and lacking the luminous midrange glow of some of the greatest tube amps, the Reference 9s are charmers in their own right, with an uncanny ability to reveal previously hidden information in familiar recordings. (Reviewed by Chris Martens, Issue 158; Power Amp of The Year, Issue 160)"


Nuforce currently offers 2 preamplifiers, the P-8S and the P-9, both available in silver or black. In designing the P-8S ($1,650), NuForce has applied its never less than impressive technology in the creation of a preamplifier that defines music reproduction well beyond its price point.

First impressions: pristine clarity, natural tonalities, expansive imaging, and a realistic, correctly proportioned soundstage. The articulate low end's rhythm and drive will prove addictive.


Housed in two chassis, the low-noise, high-performance NuForce P-9 ($3,150) preamplifier is a breakthrough product. One chassis contains three power supplies and microprocessor control logic; the second chassis contains an analog volume control, input selection relays, and sensitive analog circuit components.

Externally, the dual P-9 chassis are a stylistically consonant match to the NuForce Ref 9 Series power amplifiers.

Housed in one 17" chassis, the low-noise, high-performance NuForce P-18 preamplifier improves upon P-9 with touch panel control and higher performing preamp circuit. (Available December 15, 2009)


How good are they ?

Consider these comments: "The P-9 has the astounding musical treasure of allowing me to hear more of each individual part but never at a sacrifice of the whole. With as much differentiation and delineation I heard, I felt it imparted greater musical meaning to the whole of each performance. Never once did I grow weary or suffer from audio fatigue with the Nuforce in place.”

And Chris Martens, AVGuide and The Absolute Sound, USA, "Both the Metis and P-8 are sonic overachievers that offer different but complementary interpretations of the absolute sound ... if the Metis is a tube preamp with some solid state-like qualities, then the NuForce P8 is its complementary opposite -- a solid-state preamp that offers certain tube-like virtues ... the P8 is quieter, more flexible, and more revealing of subtle inner details, and it offers greater definition, broader frequency response, and unequivocal superior bass. Both preamps compete effectively with models twice the price, and either would make a splendid introduction to the world of high-end separates...”

That is how good they are!


Naturally , NuForce makes world class integrated amplifiers which include The IA-16 V3 and the IA-7 V3. The IA-16 V3 ($3,000) is an SE-class integrated stereo amplifier with remote control housed in the premium 17" wide chassis. It utilizes the same touch panel control as the P-18.Available December 15, 2009.

The NuForce IA-7 V3 ($1,650) is an integrated stereo amplifier with remote control. Because the IA-7 V3 shares the same circuit board as the Reference Series amplifiers, it offers exemplary performance at a most attractive price. The unit is housed in a black or silver sand-blasted anodized aluminum case. Reviews have been equally gushing.


Finally, Nuforce makes an audiophile quality music server, The MSR-1 (available in black or silver, $2,250) with easy to use, yet powerful software for ripping, storing and streaming music.


There is also the new and long anticipated CDP-8 (avilable in black or silver, $1,450) CD player. If advance reports can be believed, this CD player has trounced nearly every thing in the sub $3,000 price class.


To sum up, there is simply no other brand of electronics out there which gives the music lover as much beautiful music reproduction for the price . Couple this fact with their generous warranty, upgradeability and energy efficiency (cool running), it is hard to see how anyone could buy any other solid state electronics in NuForce’s price range.